Will Fans See Another J. Cole Project Soon?

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Last year J. Cole released one of the best rap albums to come in quite some time with 2014 Forest Hills Drive. Now that the worldwide tour is at is close, will J. Cole bring fans another project soon?

This year J. Cole dazzled fans with his 2014 Forest Hills Drive world tour and he just happens to be one of the most hard working individuals in the game right now.

The tour was incredible and had to take a lot out of energy out of him but judging from the last post he made to Instagram before his life got extremely busy, there are still plenty of projects in the works.

The only problem is no one is sure how far into them Cole is and whether or not he is planning on taking a break for the time being.

It's a process

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J. Cole has worked so hard that taking a break is beyond justified in his case. However, when fans see titles like, Revenge of the Dreamers 2 or Truly Yours 4, you can't help but get excited about them.

You have to think to yourself, how is her possibly going to top 2014 Forest Hills Drive. Then you look at another title on his list like A Cole Chance and the intrigue will just build.

Either way it's a clear inclination of what's to come but when still remains to be answered by the J. Cole.