Why Meek Mill's 'Back To Back' and 'I'm The Plug' Won't Matter

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The phrase "time is of the essence" pretty much sums up the Drake win over Meek Mill in their 2015 beef.

Now, there are rumors that remixes of "Back To Back" and "I'm The Plug" will be featured on Meek Mill's Dreamchasers 4 but by now it's too late.

Meek Mill had all of the time in the world to respond to Drake and is now waiting until months have passed to possibly bring up and old feud. By now hip-hop listeners really just want to know what the contents of these two tracks are.

Common sense will lead us all to believe that the tracks will be used to get back at Drake, or at least attempt to in some form, whether they will hold any merit will depend on the punchlines Mill decides to use.

However, after the year Drake had in 2015, what can you really say to get under his skin? Even further, if you can have a listening party for the mixtape, why won't you release the Dreamchasers 4 project?

There are a two things that can come from the release of Dreamchasers 4, more importantly the "Back To Back" and "I'm The Plug" remixes. The first being absolutely nothing and a further demise of Meek Mill's career or a pretty good redeeming track that brings the beef to a whole new level. Maybe, just maybe Drake will pull out the rumored, "3 Peat" track if that happens.

The second result is the ultimate downfall in Mill's career. The beef is old news now and to the majority of those who weighed in on the beef, Meek Mill took the loss.

Also, fans should keep in mind that Drake still has Views From The 6 coming this year.