Why Kid Cudi's Publicized Struggle With Depression Is Important

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A couple months back, Kid Cudi revealed that he was struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts and he would be checking himself into rehab. It was one of the bravest moves for someone to make.

To admit their struggles to the world then seek the proper help necessary. Because of that, Cudi has become a very important role model for those suffering from depression.

It is estimated that some 350 million people suffer from depression.

That number is far too high and many of those who do suffer do so in private without anyone knowing.

Depression also leads to suicide at it's most devastating state and those who are quiet about it end up leaving us wondering "why?" With as much influence as Cudi has over a vast amount of the younger generation, his bravery and admittance could be just what someone needs to take the necessary actions he did.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Cudi provided an update on his situation and revealed that he was "feelin' great and brand new," proving that seeking help and not feeling like you're alone can really make a drastic difference.

Cudi helped others who were suffering realize that they aren't alone and even some of the biggest celebrities who constantly push positivity on their fans can suffer from depression.

Cudi has been one of the most beloved artists from the time he blew into fame with "Day N Nite." He has inspired a long list of artists including Travis Scott and ASAP Rocky who have followed in his footsteps in terms of style and also musically at times. Now, he is inspiring a group of individuals who may feel broken realize that they really aren't and seeking the proper help necessary is a path towards a healthier and happier lifestyle.

For that, Cudi's importance as an artist and role model is more important than many could even fathom.