Who's The Craziest: Jeffrey Lord, Katrina Pierson, or Scottie Nell Hughes?

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Talking head Trump surrogates Jeffrey Lord, Katrina Pierson, and Scottie Nell Hughes all live in a zone free of logic and intelligence. But who is the most insane? It's a close race.

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Is it Jeffrey Lord?

Jeffrey Lord, the former Reagan official, is often seen on CNN defending the indefensible. Sometimes he's on set, other times he appears via video conference from what looks like a sanitarium (although it's probably his house).

Here are some of his most infamous soliloquies:

Regarding Trump's refusal to disavow the KKK, Jeffrey Lord somehow tries to argue that the KKK is a progressive group, and that calling out the KKK is "dividing people by race."

Here Jeffrey Lord calls Republican House Majority Leader Paul Ryan a racist because he disavowed Trump's racist comments about Judge Curiel:

Here Jeffrey Lord parses words, asking "what does presidential mean?" To that, Anderson Cooper responds "worthy of being president." He then says he wants his president to be telling people to go looking for a sex tape at 4am "if it's worth looking for."

And here Jeffrey Lord tells a CNN guest that she is wrong about her own ethnicity:

Is it Scottie Nell Hughes?

Scottie Nell Hughes was apparently a right-wing radio host before becoming a Trump surrogate. Apparently that's a step up...

Scottie Nell Hughes loves backward logic, as you can see in this exchange where she gets offended when another CNN guest uses the word "p----y", quoting Trump, who Hughes is there to support.

She says her daughters may be listening (yet they were somehow unable to hear when Trump said it on video).

Scottie Nell Hughes calls SNL "sexist" for making fun of her pro-Trump statements:

Here Scottie Nell Hughes tries to defend Trump's suggestion that people should riot if he's shunned at the Republican Convention. "Riots aren't necessarily a bad thing."

Finally, here's Scottie Nell Hughes trying to explain how Trump running his company is making a "sacrifice" for his country.

Is it Katrina Pierson?

Katrina Pierson appeared on the political scene in 2009, when she started a local Tea Party group in Texas.

After a failed run for office, she met Donald Trump. Trump apparently found her to be a good representation of his image, because he mader national spokesperson.

Here Katrina Pierson leaves an MSNBC anchor "speechless" by claiming that Trump is not responsible for what his supporters hear when he says something.

In discussing Trump's talk about using the second amendment if the election doesn't go his way. She also calls guns a civil rights issue.

Here's Katrina Pierson trying to explain away Trump's flip-flop on his Muslim ban.

After Trump dumps "Muslim" from his immigration ban and changes it to "certain countries," Pierson manages to go in circles for 12 minutes to avoid admitting that Trump changed anything.

And here's the worst one.

Katrina Pierson tries to blame Obama for the death of Captain Khan, which happened in 2004. She said that Obama "changed the rules of engagement that probably cost [Khan] his life." Um, Katrina, Obama didn't become president until 2008.

So who is the worst? Is it Katrina Pierson? Jeffrey Lord? Or Scottie Nell Hughes?

It's hard to pick a winner here, but we feel that Jeffrey Lord slightly beat out Katrina Pierson for the win.

Although Pierson seems to need to go back to elementary school, we're pretty sure there's no school that could make Jeffrey Lord into a logical thinker.

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