Whoa...Kate Upton Is Worth WHAT?

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Kate Upton has had a good week. After being out of the news for a while, she shocked the world by appearing on her third Sports Illustrated cover this year.

But that wasn't the only reason why she had a good week. According to The Squander, Upton is now worth around $50 million. That's quite a lot for a person who hasn't even hit 25.

Upton has multiple movies coming out, and got paid pretty well for The Other Woman in 2014. But that's not what made her all of the money.

According to The Squander, she was part of a $40 million ad campaign for the Game of War franchise -- a large portion of that money went to her bank account.

You may think that's a lot, but according to Wikipedia, the average paying player of the game spends $550. The publisher of the game also spent $10 million on an ad with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Some of the movies that Upton is involved in include The Layover, and The Disaster Artist. Additionally, she has starred in music videos and has appeared on talk shows.

Kate Upton will be getting married soon to Justin Verlander, so the cash will come in handy.

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