Who Is Tata Werneck? The Rise of a Brazilian Multi-Hyphenate

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Tata Werneck has become an international sensation, with roles as an actress, reporter and musician and former MTV-VJ. And it seems her every move, from waving flying kisses to photographers upon her arrival to airports to who she's recently dated, makes the news. But just who is this Brazilian multi-hyphenate sensation and how did she climb to the top? We'll give you the inside scoop.

Tata Werneck, from Child Star to MTV VJ

Tata Werneck was in her first theatrical performance at the age of 11. She hit the small screen in 2008, when she got a role in the TV series Dilemas de Irene. But it was when Werneck nabbed her part as a VJ for Quinta Categoria, the former MTV Brazil, that Werneck became more widely known.

The role led to more widespread recognition, which in turn enabled Tata to be cast in a comedic role in the soap opera Amor a Vida.

After this, Tata Werneck had a number of starring roles in major television productions that served as a vehicle for her comedic chops. In fact, Werneck is known for her improvisation skills.

Now, according to The Squander, Werneck has several endorsements and is worth over $3 million.

Tata Werneck's Dramatic Love Life

Tata Werneck had an 8 year relationship with Felipe Gutnick, businessman and high ranking employee of a multinational company. The relationship reportedly ended because Felipe wanted to reside outside the country.

Still, it seems Werneck's love for the businessman has been lasting given that she's been seen with Gutnick at public events well past the date of their breakup.

Still, Werneck moved onto dating Renato Goes, the Brazilian actor in 2015, though it seems that she has since broken up with him.

What's Next for Tata Werneck?

Based on her Instagram, it's clear Werneck is on the go.

Between starring in a cosmetic ad for L'Oreal, making the rounds on talk shows, performing in her band, canvassing for her charity causes, and staying busy with her acting career, Werneck is sure to continue producing major hits.

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But what we'd really like to know is who's going to be part of her love life next? Will she continue to date Brazilian superstars? Or will her next love be someone else?