When Driving Tired Goes Wrong: Driver Swerves Into Traffic Causing Accident

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In a video posted to WorldStarHipHop.com, two men were following a car that appeared to be swerving in and out of traffic on a single lane road, but things take a horrible turn.

(Video Below)

Two men were following a car and according top their description it was being driven by a female driver who exhibited signs of being fatigued or tired while operating her vehicle.

They followed her for quite some way documenting her swerving into the other lane and over the caution lane.

At this point they knew that she was going to cause an accident at some point but they continued to follow her. At first they followed her at a far distance just before she almost hit an oncoming truck in the opposite lane.

Thankfully she was able to avoid that truck and the guys filming were able to stay safe, that didn't last for long.

Unfortunately further down the road the driver allegedly a female, turn into an oncoming Jeep and at this point the two men filming were too close and were also involved in the accident.

Upon the impact of her car and the Jeep, it sent the jeep flying into the two men's vehicle. Both men were ok as well as the driver of the Jeep who was shaken.

As the audio played you could hear the woman who was operating the Jeep ask why the person swerved in front of her.

The two men immediately got out the car to make sure she was ok and focused their attention to the driver who started it all.

This serves as a very good reminder to those who feel even a little fatigued to take caution before they get behind he wheel of a vehicle.

This would certainly be a good tool to use in a driving school lesson.

Drivers who get behind a vehicle have a responsibility to protect everyone else around them who is operating a vehicle, if you lose sense of that responsibility, you can cause major harm to others and this video serves as a perfect example of that.

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