What Happens When 'Kibo The Puppy Can't Even' Wait For His Food

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In a YouTube video uploaded by Jon Sun, Kibo a playful little pup seems to have a bit of excitement that he tries to hide every time his owner gets ready to feed him.

(Video Below)

"My 4 month old Shiba Inu Kibo has a minor freakout every time I feed him," wrote Sun in his caption.

"Kibo is smart and learns very quickly. If you have an idea for a trick you would like me to teach him, leave a comment below."

The video shows little Kibo obeying his owner but when he hears the sound of his pebbles hitting the bowl it looks like he is trying to contain his excitement which ends up resulting in a cute little hop away.

For a 4-year-old pup Kibo sure has some self control and to prove the legitimacy and frequency of the freak outs, they are all recorded in many different instances.

In some instances it may look like Kibo is scared of the sound but as soon as his owner lets him go to chow down, Kibo races to the bowl.

Watch "Kibo Can't Even" Below