What To Expect From 'Mad Men' Final Season

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Don Draper is a character that represents post-war American sentiment better than most invented in pop-culture. In the latest trailer of the final season, the clip reveals basically nothing, which is a good thing.

The reality is, Mad Men has been grasping at straws for the last 2 seasons. Just like most TV shows that peak in season 3 or 4, Mad Men is no different.

Season 7 has an opportunity to go out with a bang, and hopefully with no flash forwards or inclinations to Don in modern times. Beginning April 13th, the last season begins and by the final scene, our wishlist is as follows:

  • Don Draper continues being Don Draper
  • Peggy Olson opens up her own small (but promising) advertising firm
  • Roger Sterling retires and moves to an island
  • Pete Campbell moves into Rogers position, after a stern warning from Roger not to mess up his legacy. Afterwards, Pete removes Rogers name from the company
  • Joan Harris gets engaged and ends her role in a happy place
  • Betty Draper has a breakdown and ends with her being crazy as ever

Just a wishlist, but we especially like the last one. The reality is, the latest promo clip tells us NOTHING. Looking forward to the last season of this icon show.