What Drake Probably Meant By Comparing Himself to Jay Z on 'Summer Sixteen'

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After Drake dropped his new single "Summer Sixteen," internet went wild on Saturday January 30.

"Summer Sixteen" is also a diss track to Meek Mill, which Mill had an answer for in much better timing than previous ones. However, some fans couldn't get over Drake comparing himself to Jay Z.

No Drake doesn't think he's better than Jay Z or even has the amount of clout as Jay Z does. How could he? He hasn't been in the industry as long as Jay Z has. If listen closely to the lyrics for "Summer Sixteen," Drake said that he always wanted to be on Roc-A-Fella Nation, Jay Z's record label, however, he's entered a similar venture that's relatable to ROC Nation.

Thanks to his business savvy mentality, Drake has created a label of his own.

So no he doesn't think he is better than Jay Z but he is on a path to become someone that could meet that type of status.

"Oh it's your time now" yeah, that's what everybody say
I used to wanna be on Roc-A-Fella then I turned into Jay."

We're not too concerned with Drake's name dropping of Jay Z and Kanye West. Drake should be concerned with the informant in his crew.

It looks as if a bit of cheating may have been involved in the beef as Mill pointed towards Quentin Miller as the man who leaked information.

We also want to know if "3 Peat" is a myth or if Drizzy is just being patient in this on-going beef.