Watch Vince Vaughn's Hilarious Thanksgiving Conversation With Kids

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We all know how much Ellen DeGeneres likes to gather kids together in a room with an actor or actress who is pretty much going to make the situation 100 times funnier.

That's exactly what she did when she had Vince Vaughn sit down with some kids to ask them what they were most thankful for with the Thanksgiving holiday just under a week away.

In the video below, Vaughn visited the room and said it was a very exciting group. He asked them if they knew what his name was and most didn't actually know. One brave soul tried the name "Prince Vaughn," however, he was corrected.

None of the kids have heard of the films that Vaughn was in. Robert Downey Jr. was the popular actor among the crowd but Vaughn swayed them towards his way.

Vaughn interrupted the kids when they were listing what they were thankful for. He told the kids they should be thankful for their parents because their parents have to be friends with their friends parents.

Vaughn was pretty thankful for the casinos, however, the kids were kind of scratching their heads when it came to that. You can watch the hilarious conversation between Vince Vaughn and the kids in The Ellen Show video below.

Watch Vince Vaughn's Hilarious Thanksgiving Conversation With Kids