Watch Tonight Show Family Feud Hosted By Steve Harvey

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Steve Harvey, the real host of Family Feud was visiting The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, so naturally, they had him put on his hosting suit for a fun game which featured, The Roots, Fallon, Annette Bening and Greta Gerwig.

Harvey looked as natural as ever, ever when it's twist on the real show. He introduced himself and the contestants before Fallon and Questlove took the podium.

The survey questions were given to The Tonight Show audience before the show and Fallon got off to a quick start by getting the number one answer on the first question.

Just when you thought Harvey wouldn't have to pull out any of the blank faces he has on the show, Bening guessed that people would sound like a parrot when they laughed and Gerwig followed it up with cat. They went through both of their two strikes and The Roots managed to grab the points with their answer.

There was much more where that came from.

You can watch the rest of the hilarious Tonight Show Family Feud in the video below.

Watch Tonight Show Family Feud Hosted By Steve Harvey