Watch As Ice Cube Predicts The Super Bowl 51 Winner On The Ellen Show

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Ice Cube has been a long-time Raiders fan, however, as a football fan, he was still able to make the prediction for Super Bowl 51 during his visit to The Ellen Show.

Cube sat down to chat about football and his new film Fist Fight.

DeGeneres brought up the Raiders and how hard it is to keep track of them with all of the cities they are moving around. Cube really just wanted them to stay in Los Angeles.

When asked if he would dream of owning the Raiders, Cube said that he was too emotional and wouldn't be able to do it.

His wife and kids all run for cover when the Raiders are playing. He admits to being a terrible fan.

In terms of Super Bowl 51, Cube said that his mind says the New England Patriots will win, however, his heart says the Atlanta Falcons will come out on top. He said that Tom Brady is "too damn terrific" and that it has to stop some time.

He urges Atlanta to be serious and quit the twerking for the big game.

Later on in the show Cube gave a little rundown on his film Fist Fight, which is set to hit theaters on February 17. Here's a little fact from the film.

There is a Fist Fight that took 8 days to film. You can learn all about it in The Ellen Show video below.

Watch As Ice Cube Predicts The Super Bowl 51 Winner On The Ellen Show