Watch BabyMetal's U.S. Debut on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert

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If you haven't heard of BabyMetal, chances are you are not alone.

However, BabyMetal is taking over Japan and their U.S. debut performance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert is a pretty good indication as to why they are becoming so popular.

Before introducing BabyMetal, Colbert stated that he had no idea what he was about to see. Unless you've seen the music video for their hit song "Gimme Chocolate," you probably haven't either.

The music video has been viewed over 45 million times on YouTube and the overall sound is incredible. The performances are entertaining and seamlessly choreographed in the epic pop/heavy metal fusion.

BabyMetal is certainly not for everyone but there is no denying the stage presence and the quality that you get. The fans in Colbert's audience were cheering on as the three dancers showed of their moves and the band rocked out behind them.

Breaking into the U.S. isn't easy for music that isn't popularly played on mainstream radio, however, it looks like BabyMetal is off to a good start in their debut.

Watch Baby Metal's U.S. Debut on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert