Viral Video: 'Laughing Baby In Target,' One Of The Most Heartwarming Laughs

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What's more fun that spending some time playing around in Target? The joy of laughter that can sometimes be infectious to others around. One little baby had a blast in a Canada Target playing catch.

(Video Below)

This is sure to get your week off to a great start as a little baby enjoys his time in a Target store that is closing it's doors in Canada. The video was posted to the Joe Alejandria YouTube channel then to Reddit's video subreddit. Perched in the baby seating area of a Target cart, this little guy gets a plush basketball tossed towards him and juggled by his guardian.

Upon receiving the ball so he could join in the fun as well, the little guy winds up and throws the ball. What came next was a hearty outburst of laughter that would make anyone join in.

"Laughing baby is enjoying his time at Target Canada. This little guy will be sad to see Target go," read the caption of the video.

A January Bloomberg Business report by Matt Townsend reported that Canada's Target division had lost $2 Billion since it's start in 2011.

Low sales and empty stores were two major issues reported by Townsend. Rather than going into another state of depression, check out the little guy laughing up a storm below.

Watch One Of The Heartiest Baby Laughs Ever