Viral Video: 'Dog Blares Car Horn When Owner Leaves Him Inside,' Impatient Pets

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This is why you shouldn't leave your pets in a car for an extended period of time. One little guy had enough of waiting for his owner and decided to keep his paw on the car horn, good boy.

(Video Below)

It happens almost everywhere you go, the grocery store or any short shopping trip. You walk by the parking lot and there inside of a vehicle is a pet barking or staring with the saddest loneliest eyes, only wanting to be released to enjoy time with their owners.

Well this video posted to YouTube and WorldStarHipHop shows what happens when pets are fed up with waiting.

"Went out to investigate who was blaring the horn in Old Town Eureka," read the caption on the Ryan Burns YouTube channel. "This is not what I expected to find."

A little dog has his paws set on the owners car horn and is not budging. Clearly showing how upset he is for having to wait.

"Lost Coast Outpost reported that the horn was blaring on and off for several minutes," reported Fox4KC. "You can only imagine the greeting the owner got when they returned to the vehicle."

Well good for you little guy, let them know how it feels to be left alone!

Watch the dog blaring the car horn when left alone inside.