Viral Video: 89-Year-Old Married Grandfather Goes On Tinder Dates

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In what is probably one of the funniest videos on YouTube right now, an 89-year-old married grandfather enters the great big world of online dating through Tinder.

(Video Below)

The video titled, "Grandfather Goes on Tinder Dates," was posted to the Slow Clap YouTube channel and featured in a Reddit post. Josh Shultz convinces his grandfather to go on a series of dates from a Tinder profile that was created with the name Joe.

Joe was described as a 21-year-old filmmaker and matched with 37 girls by using an old photo of Shultz grandfather.

The girls were all notified that they would be filmed as part of a documentary "Joe" was working on according to the video. Then the funny commences.

The five girls who agreed to go on the date are joined by "Joe" and they are completely taken back.

The responses ranged from shock to straight laughter. There were shots and even some rapping involved on his dates as he tried to charm the women he was on a date with.

Towards the end, Shultz comes in to try to save the day, however, things get a little awkward when his grandfather says he goes out to try to get dates for his grandson.

The video is a hilarious experiment and is well worth a look. If you end up being a fan of this video, the Slow Clap Channel has many more videos involving Shultz grandfather.

Watch the 89 year-old grandfather go on a few Tinder dates.