Video: 'Ukulele Freestyle Rap' Turns Out Really Good

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Artists can find inspiration at any place and time. This rapper found his in the strangers waking by, one with a ukulele. What ensues is a free-style.

The video was posted by Grey Team, on of the friends. They were taking a walk at the riverside, one of them strumming his ukulele.

They instrument caught the attention of a passerby. He stopped them and seemed to be interested in an impromptu jamming session. Good natured enough, they agreed.

What came next was a free-style that was on point. The rap is about lost love. The rapper isn't upset about losing it because apparently she wasn't that much of a good person.

Or they just didn't see eye to eye. The video is relatively short, on 50 seconds but definitely catchy. Just add some steady drum beats and it would sound like a legit song.

Ukulele Freestyle Rap