Video: 'Funny Baby Torments Dad With Cup Display' And Laughs About It

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Sometimes as a parent you can't help but laugh at the things your kids do even if it happens to be your little baby taking out an entire supermarket cup display and laughing about it to your face.

(Video Below)

When you're younger everything is a game and the smallest thing can become the biggest source of entertainment.

From playing with cardboard boxes to simply throwing legos instead of building them.

Well in a video posted to the Amy Young YouTube Channel yesterday titled, "Baby torments dad with cups," one little baby finds complete enjoyment at the cost of his father's embarrassment.

A whack-a-mole type cup display sits beside a supermarket isle and behind it is a little baby while his father appears on the other side. The little one then proceeds to push the cups in his reach out of the display in turn sending them to the floor for the dad to pick up.

There are signs of frustration from the father but you can also tell that he is also enjoying his child's funny approach to the display, before it ultimately comes crashing down.

By the way, this cup display was built for this sort of thing so if anyone should be responsible it's the one who designed it.

However, it's all in good fun and the little one seems to enjoy it as you can tell from the series of hearty laughs and sounds that came from him.

Watch the funny video below.