Video: 'Animals in Mirrors Hilarious Reactions' That Are Too Cute

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It's know that a video of animals doing funny or adorable things is going to be fun to watch. And animals reactions to other animals are just about the cutest thing. So what if it was a reaction to themselves?

A mirror was set up in the jungle to allow animals the opportunity to see their reflections, causing many adorable and funny moments.

(Video Below)

The video Caters TV posted yesterday called "Animals in Mirrors Hilarious Reactions," starts by showing you how the mirror was put up.

With the reflective surface on one side and the other side painted green for camouflage. Several mirrors were set up in different locations with a camera to record the reactions of the animals that went by.

Then the animals come. One gorilla obviously thinks his reflection is another rival gorilla and can be seen charging at the mirror a few times before running off.

The monkeys, on the other hand, take a more relaxed approach of just sitting around and scratching themselves in front of it, as if they truly don't care.

The bamboo is particularly adorable as it gets very close to the mirror before spotting his reflection and startling.

There's a funny reaction from a leopard that is crawling down the mirror, gets distracted by its reflection, and then proceeds to fall.

Watch the cute reactions below.