The Vampire Diaries Recap, S6 EP6, 'The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get,' Jeremy's Had Enough

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With Damon returning to Mystic Falls it sure will stir up all types of emotions for season six of the "The Vampire Diaries," this week in "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get," the sixth episode of "The Vampire Diaries," Caroline tries to rescue Enzo from Tripp.

Last week fans saw Alaric's failed attempt to compel Jo which can either be a good thing in terms of his confession of feelings, or a bad thing in terms of a new enemy for the team. Ric gives Elena the enjoyable task of doing some special ops research to find out why she can't be compelled.

Caroline continues to waver between Stefan and Enzo and tonight she tries a daring rescue of Enzo once she learns he is under Tripp's possession.

Damon may be back but Bonnie isn't and Jeremy has finally had enough and turns his frustration into destruction.

The episode kicks off as Tripp races away with Ivy in the back of his vampire hunter van. Ivy and another vampire struggle in the back of the van and are all eventually taken care of. Stefan and Damon are still embracing each other.

Elena and Caroline are now informed however, they don't know that Bonnie sacrificed herself to help Damon get back.

After Damon recaps the entire ordeal to Stefan he heads off to see Damon. Alaric pleads with Elena to have the memories go back before Damon kills him and she continues to be combative towards him about doing it.

When Alaric tells Elena that Jo was unable to be compelled he asks Elena to keep and eye on but she is concerned about Jeremy who knows that Damon is back but Bonnie isn't. Sarah tries to stop Jeremy but he appears to be in too much pain. Matt is torturing Enzo as a way to get in deeper with Tripp in order to help the rest of his team get the upper hand.

Matt refuses to help Enzo but Enzo threatens to tell Tripp about everyone. Tripp walks in a reveals that Enzo was the one who tipped him off about Ivy.

Matt finally tells Caroline and Alaric that Enzo is locked up and also told them that Enzo threatened to reveal them all. That's when Stefan comes in and confesses how Tripp got a hold of Enzo. Damon finally tries to talk to Elena for the first time and convince her what they had was real.

Damon stands outside her door appealing to her emotions and tries deeply to get her back.

Elena walks towards the door and and they both press their hands against the door but Elena doesn't open the door.

Damon then threatens to kick it in and Elena opens the door but when Damon steps in she is gone.

Elena tells Stefan that she ran away from Damon and uses his own spiel about starting over against her. She also told him that she kissed Liam and he begs her not to tell Damon because he would be heartbroken. Elena notices Jo taking a sip of coffee and tries it to see if it contained vervain but she is fine.

Sarah barges in on Matt as he is snooping around Tripp's office.

Sarah tells Matt that Zack Salvatore was her dad much to his surprise. Sarah threatens to tell Tripp that Matt is snooping and he points her in the right direction of animal attacks.

Damon confronts Alaric about his time away and also about Alaric compelling Elena to forget that she loved him. Alaric tells him that Elena's love for him was killing her.

Damon tells him to reverse it but Alaric says the only way he would is if Elena told him she wanted her memories back.

Caroline and Stefan are a team once again but they are continuing to bicker and Caroline tells him that the only reason he is helping her is because he is guilty.

Stefan saves Caroline from being noticed by two of Tripp's henchmen and they rush into the holding area after they leave to find an empty room. Elena continues to follow Jo like her life depended on it and Jo reveals that Liam told her about how Elena saved a girl.

Jo reveals that she knows what Alaric is and she knows what Elena is as well.

This news is quite shocking because fans and viewers are in the dark about Jo's knowledge. It almost seems like she could be working in cahoots with Tripp as they are the two newest characters.

However, Jo hasn't tried to kill or capture Alaric or Elena which suggests she might be on the winning side.

With Caroline and Stefan still stifling in their frustration over each other, are they going to be able to rescue Enzo?

Damon is struggling with the new present that he has come back to and rummages around Elena's room. Jeremy stumbles upon Damon in his room and asks him why Bonnie didn't come back. Damon lies to him and tells him that she wasn't there.

Jeremy tells him about how much he missed her and Damon tells him that Bonnie wasn't him because she found peace and is in a better place. Jo tells Elena how she realized what Elena and Alaric were and still agrees to have her onboard.

Just then Elena realizes that Jo is a witch because she can't be compelled and the two agree to keep each other's secrets.

Sarah and Matt continue to snoop and do a little bonding. Matt receives a phone call from Caroline and he notices that Ivy's phone is in Tripp's possession and Caroline's name is the first number that comes up. Damon calls Bonnie's phone just like Jeremy did while she was gone.

He is clearly feeling guilty and talks to her through the voicemail and he thanks her and also tells her he is sorry.

Damon finally reveals that he does miss Bonnie but just then he receives a phone call from Elena.

Elena tells him that she thinks they should meet and tells him to come by her dorm not knowing that he is already in it.

Like a guy going on his first date Damon gets ready to meet Elena, but he is attacked by Tripp and his henchmen and captured. Yet another big character gone prisoner.

Elena heads to her dorm and notices that the door was left open. As she walks in she senses a struggle and immediately alerts Alaric. Alaric is approached by Jo and she tells him that she wants to level with him.

Alaric tells her he has to save Damon and urges her to stay as far away from him as possible.

Damon is chained up in the back of the hunter van with Enzo and who gives him the rundown on where they are headed to.

Caroline and Elena are racing to help Damon and Enzo, she reveals that she wants her memory back. She says that she doesn't want to keep hiding behind compulsion and she wants to find out the truth. Stefan and Alaric are rigging the other road trap for Tripp.

Alaric finally makes amends with Stefan as he reveals his feelings for the past couple of months. He told Stefan that he also gave up and just then the van approaches.

Alaric instructs Stefan to tell Elena that Tripp is here and when he stops Tripp to ask for help he is denied.

Alaric attacks him and is shot with a tranquilizer dart. Tripp tries to evade him but ends up crashing into the trap that Ric and Stefan set flipping the entire van over.

The endless Damon and Elena dance may finally be over once Alaric gives her her memories back. How is Jeremy planning on coping with Bonnie's loss after finding out that she is gone.

Damon and Enzo are in bad shape after the crash and Stefan freezes after realizing that Damon and Alaric crossed the border. Stefan fights through the pain in order to rescue both of them and so does Jo. Jo is helping Alaric while Stefan is drastically trying to rescue Enzo and Damon.

He gets them both across but realizes that Alaric is still trapped. Meanwhile, Jo is losing Alaric and trying desperately to save him. Alaric doesn't meet his end quite yet Jo is able to save him much to his surprise.

Does rescuing Enzo and Damon make Stefan this season's big hero? Even more important, how will Caroline feel about Stefan now that everything seems to be in place?

Caroline learns that everything is ok Elena races in to tell her she saw the crash but Caroline tells her that everything is ok. Caroline tells her that Alaric isn't a vampire anymore and that he is human.

Elena can no longer get her memories back and yet again the fans have another twist to deal with. Matt and Sarah discuss her family members with her and he reveals that Damon and Stefan are her family members.

Jeremy is drunk and he keeps trying to cancel Bonnie's phone number. He is devastated and begins yelling and lashing out. He accepts that Bonnie is gone but his state is not right.

Alaric and Elena have a conversation about her memories and he apologizes to her because he can no longer give her her memories back.

Elena said that she wants to be able to look Damon in the eye knowing all that she knows and all that she doesn't and see how she feels about him.

Jo and Alaric finally have some time together and after she saves his life he is more grateful to her now more than ever. Damon and Stefan sit at a bar as Damon rattles on about everything that has gone on. The two brothers seem a lot closer than ever before.

Stefan urges him to go see Elena to see if what they had is enough.

Stefan has someone he owes a chat with as well.

He approaches Caroline and asks her to get past it but when he uses the phrase friends, he triggers something in her and she tells him she doesn't want to be friends anymore and walks away.

Damon confronts Elena who is trying her hardest to remember everything.

He knocks on the door and she immediately knows who it is.

He waits patiently and in one epic moment Elena opens the door to Damon who is standing with the most joyful look on his face as the episode concludes.

The Stefan and Caroline love story continues to seem like it is out of the reach of "The Vampire Diaries" fans. The cliffhanger of a century occurs when Elena opens the door but the look on her face doesn't look as heartwarming as Damons.

With Damon escaping, where does that lead Bonnie? What will become of Jeremy now that he doesn't have his precious Bonnie? Fans can find out on next weeks all new episode of "The Vampire Diaries," Thursday at 8 p.m.

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