'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: 'Never Let Me Go' Season 7 Episode 2, Caroline In Captivity

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Last week on CWTV's The Vampire Diaries, Enzo kidnapped Caroline. In "Never Let Me Go," the second episode of season seven, Stefan and Damon must find a way to save her.

After Damon blew the truce between Stefan and Lily by attacking Malcolm, he has to find a way to appease Lily to ensure the safety of Caroline. Damon and Bonnie were in a strange place but it's much better now after they've teamed up to fight against the Heretics. Alaric still have the stone in his possession unbeknownst to Lily who seems to be very adamant on getting it back.

Matt tightropes on the line of life and death when he makes a very bold decision. Caroline is being held in captivity and the Heretics are not playing nice, however, she does uncover an unknown detail from Stefan's past that will also shock fans.

Valerie, Nora, Mary Louise and Beau are not pleased with their foes.

The madness begins with a Texas news cast where Caroline seems to be the producer. Caroline gets a message from someone who tells her that her fiance is on the line and wants to know what her schedule is. Her fiance wants to go back to Mystic Falls.

When Caroline hears that she says they can't go back there then catches herself and brushes her assistant off. In present day, two teens are investigating Mystic Falls as if it was an abandoned town but they run into some trouble, trouble in the form of Nora and Mary Louise.

Matt arrives to save them but ends up failing and both teens die. Matt wakes up the next day covered in blood with a bandage around his arm.

Alaric is back to teaching at Whitmore where he is giving a lecture about the reality of death. He assures them that the most interesting thing the students will find at Mystic Falls is a trespassing committee. They are having trouble keeping college students out and the Heretics are killing wanderers off.

Bonnie asks if Alaric is okay and he gives her the rundown, then, he asks her if she's ever heard of the Phoenix Stone. While Stefan is driving in a car and leaving a message for Caroline, he is stopped dead in his tracks by Beau and Lily.

Stefan is surprised about the attack and learns that Malcolm was found with his heart removed. He says he didn't know and Lily says she isn't there to pass blame but they did what they had to do.

Meanwhile, Enzo is tying a pissed off Caroline up with vervain soaked rope. He seems to have a soft spot for her when she says it hurts really bad. He tries to loosen the knot and Caroline attacks him. before see could get any further the Heretics catch up with her and knock her out with magic. Stefan confronts Damon about Malcolm and he doesn't deny it.

Stefan also says that Lily took Caroline for breaking the deal. Damon is forced to go over to his mother's house and fix what he has broken. Damon admits that he was the one who ripped Malcolm's heart out but Lily isn't buying that he did it alone.

He tries to convince his mother to let Caroline go but she doesn't and he is unable to walk into his own house.

The deed was transferred and Lily tells damon she has to go bury her son. What a slap in the face.

Alaric tells Bonnie that the Phoenix Stone has resuscitative powers. Bonnie concentrates on the stone to find out if it has powers but all she sees is death. She says there is something wrong with the stone, something evil. Bonnie warns him not to mess with that magic and that they have to destroy the Phoenix Stone.

Stefan and Damon are trying to find a way into the house however, when Damon tells his brother they no longer own the house, Stefan begins to worry. In the meantime Stefan assures Damon that he isn't taking his side after he started the truce.

Mary Louise is torturing Caroline with vervain injections. Mary Louise asks Bonnie for her opinion on Nora's dress and when she laughs at the dress she feels the wrath of Mary Louise, even after she tries to help.

Enzo is approached by Lily and he tells her about the minor escape. Enzo will be in-charge of keeping an eye on Caroline while the family attends Malcolm's funeral. Valerie tells Enzo he should stop caring about Caroline because her torture is driving him crazy.

Bonnie and Damon discuss the Phoenix Stone and she tells him that she made Alaric drop it in acid to destroy it.

Damon tells Bonnie that Caroline was kidnapped and she immediately feels bad. However, Damon tells her he needs her to go on a different mission, involving the deed of her house.

Bonnie sneaks up Matt who is clearly stressed out about what happened so far. The deed to the mansion is in Matt's name and Bonnie wants to use magic to stop his heart so that they can carry out a plan that will turn the mansion back over to the Salvatore brothers. Bonnie is going to kill Matt momentarily and he decides that he will help the team for the sake of Caroline.

Meanwhile, Valerie is actually helping Caroline out out of her distaste for Nora and Mary Louise.

When Mary Louise walks in on Valerie she exits with a snarky comment but managed to put a spell on Caroline that prevents Mary Louise from touching her. Nora doesn't seem to have an issue with Caroline either.

Bonnie starts the spell on Matt while Damon badgers Stefan about his relationship with Caroline. The seal is broken and the guys make their way into the house. Alaric has second thoughts on the Phoenix Stone and doesn't drop it in the acid after seeing a photo of him and Jo. Bonnie becomes unstable during the spell to kill Matt.

She sees images from the stone and passes out. Damon knocks on the door and tries to convince Enzo to give Caroline back.

Enzo says that he and Lily have a stronger bond but is surprised when Damon walks in. Then, Enzo drops the bomb that Malcolm is being buried in the family tomb next to Elena.

Lily instructs her Heretics to pull out Elena's coffin and dump the body in the falls. She says she can spend the rest of her life underwater. When Bonnie wakes up she immediately rushes to Matt to undo the spell that stopped his heart. Matt wakes up and notices that it took way too long for him to be revived. Stefan finds Caroline and tries to carry her out but Valerie's spell is stopping him from making direct contact with her. Damon walks up to the Elena's burial site and sees that the coffin has been taken.

He is livid and Lily tells him that Elena has been cloaked. Lily just brings up a story about Damon breaking her mother's vase. She got him to admit everything after she took his toys away.

Damon says Elena is not a toy and Lily says Malcolm was not a vase.

Each of the Heretics tell the stories of how Malcolm helped them all. Damon asks her to tell him what she wants in return for Elena.

Stefan has to get Caroline a jacket to help her out and cracks a few jokes about skin to skin contact. Something happens and Stefan is pulled from the mansion. Caroline is almost pulled until Enzo tells the maid to invite her in.

Bonnie has to apologize to Matt and then admit to helping Damon kill Malcolm. Bonnie says she refuses to standby and let them do what they want.

Matt says he prays that he doesn't see a soul in the town because he hates thinking of innocent people dying. Bonnie says they should stop letting them do as they please and fight back.

A pissed off Stefan greets his brother and demands answers. Damon tells Stefan that Lily wants him to leave town for good and that she has Elena. Both Salvatore brothers have lost their loves to Lily and now Damon is forced to leave town in order to get Elena back.

Stefan is completely pissed off after hearing what Lily did and Damon says that she will slowly take away everything they care about.

She wants them to get mad at each other and get them to fight.

They devise a plan that involves the two of them acting like they are mad with each other meanwhile, Damon will find Oscar to negotiate a trade with Lily.

Alaric tests the Phoenix stone on a dead body at the morgue and realizes that it works but only if it is kept in contact with the body. Enzo is having an emotional moment as he plays his guitar by the fire. Lily walks in on him and he asks her how the burial was.

She tells him it was as lovely as it could be. Enzo asks Lily if she considers him a part of her family and she agrees.

When she says she cares for him as one of her own, he says he doesn't want to be one of her children but something more.

He takes a guest room in the east wing and Lily seems pleasantly surprised with his words.

Nora hands Caroline a book and tells her that Valerie really did her harm with the spell. The book is Stefan's diary that Valerie has always had and realizes that Stefan had a thing for Valerie back in the day. Apparently Caroline in the future was not married to Stefan.

When her assistant tells her that he called she immediately gets angry. Then out of nowhere, both Caroline and her assistant are staked. Looks like Steroline doesn't last into the future.

"Never Let Me Go" ups the ante even more for The Vampire Diaries.

With the increasingly shocking revelations and very hard decisions that the team has to make, fighting Lily and the Heretics won't be an easy task.

Fans who can't get enough will have to tune in next week to see what The CW hit has in store or head over to the shows main page.

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