'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: 'Mommie Dearest' Season 7 Episode 7, Lily's Secret

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Julian is back but the Salvatore brothers are trying to make his presence short-lived in CWTV's The Vampire Diaries. In "Mommie Dearest," episode seven of season seven, Lily might be of some assistance to her sons.

Stefan and Damon are back to being a team rather than trying to foil each others plots. They decide to approach Lily about Julian as well as some mysteries from the past. After 160 years of keeping one particular secret hidden, Lily decides it is time to let her boys in on something that is a complete game-changer. Upon the release of the revelation, Stefan and Damon are unsure what to think about their family.

Enzo and Julian continue to butt heads especially after Enzo proposes a challenge. Matt is still investigating a strange mystery in Mystic Falls that he and Bonnie stumbled upon last week.

Meanwhile after revealing that Caroline is carrying Alaric's twin babies in last weeks episode, Valerie shakes things up with some more news for Caroline.

The Thanksgiving madness begins as Damon and Alaric race over to the station to save Caroline in the future. They are arguing over who gets to play the hero and Damon tells Alaric to help keep Stefan away from the place. When Damon goes into the station he doesn't see Caroline and is shot with a few darts.

Meanwhile in present day, Caroline is taking a pregnancy test to see if Valerie's claims are real.

She doesn't believe it's possible but Alaric seems to be hopeful. Alaric believes the Gemini coven had no choice to put their legacy in Caroline's body.

Damon walks in on Stefan who is preparing a pre-Thanksgiving meal. Damon is trying to figure out why Stefan is plotting against Julian. Stefan says he is trying to be smart and that he's recruiting an ally.

Just then, the door bell rings and Lily walks right on in.

Caroline's pregnancy test returns negative and why she tries to console Alaric, she gets a call from Matt filling her in on the bodies he found at the high school.

Things take an even bigger turn when he walks into the tavern and finds a lot more bodies.

Stefan attempts to tell his mother the story of how Julian beat Valerie's unborn child. He says the truth was too important but she doesn't believe him. She thinks that Valerie is lying and tells Stefan not to lose anymore sleep over a word that comes out of Valerie's mouth.

Stefan pours a toast to his mother and tells her they are going to move on.

As they drink, Lily's shot is laced with vervain and shit hits the deck. Stefan says the have to do things the hard way and Damon thinks it's going to be the best Thanksgiving ever.

Bonnie and Enzo are searching for the contents that Julian wanted from Oscars car. Bonnie actually tries to give Enzo some advice on how to win over Lily but he just laughs her off. In the trunk of Oscar's car they find a large dagger. They fight over who gets to keep the dagger and she wins.

When Enzo asks her if he is detecting concern, she says on second thought they should go ahead and kill each other. The Salvatore brothers are reminiscing about past Thanksgivings while holding their mother captive.

In a flashback Giuseppe Salvatore makes a toast for his family and when young Damon won't eat the pet turkey his father made him killed, Giuseppe becomes upset.

Lily does not stick up for Damon and he is forced to eat his turkey.

In present day, Damon and Stefan tell Lily that she is too blind to see that she is weak when it comes to men controlling her. They plan on keeping her there until she agrees on helping them kill Julian. Matt and Caroline are investigating the captives who are being held and fattened up.

Just then, Caroline throws up and it looks as if her pregnancy test might be wrong.

Matt is showing concern for her and she just brushes it off. She is however, forced to call Valerie to help them siphon the compulsion away from the captives.

Enzo and Julian butt heads when they meet again and Enzo strikes a nerve when talking about Lily. Enzo doesn't back down when Julian suggests they settle the fight outside. Valerie arrives at the tavern and asks if they have any idea how much time it would take to siphon the compulsion.

She doesn't think that siphoning the would help and also lets it slipped that Caroline is pregnant in front of Matt.

Caroline has to explain the entire thing to Matt quickly and also has to beg Valerie to stay and help them after she insults her powers. Valerie agrees to help anyway.

Elsewhere, Enzo and Julian are in a heated duel in the woods and they both look pretty skilled. Damon and Stefan are still torturing their mother with memories from the Thanksgiving night. Little Damon asks to be excused but Giuseppe tells him to wait.

He summons a bottle of champagne and questions his family as to who took some money from his bureau. Guiseppe's sons are made out to be guilty and he forces Damon into telling him that he took the money.

He then burns Damon on the hand with his cigar to make sure he remembers it. Damon never took the money, but he didn't want his father to blame Stefan.

Lily also recounts the night and during her session with Stefan and Damon she mysteriously gets a cut on her neck. She reveals that in order to protect Julian from the wrath of her sons, she linked her life to his. She says someone is trying to kill him and if he dies, she dies.

In the woods, Enzo reveals that he has another weapon and Julian is completely surprised. So surprised in fact, that he takes off. Caroline compels one of the captives to leave and forget what they saw.

Matt asks Caroline if she wants to talk about the pregnancy but she says it is impossible and against physics. Then Beau walks in and sees that Julian's plan is being unraveled. Valerie steps in with a stake after trying to convince him that Julian's plan is no good. She then uses a cloaking spell to hide herself, Caroline and Matt.

Julian shows up to battle once more with Enzo. Lily admits that she was taking money to runaway with her sons and never have to deal wit Giuseppe again.

One night she was looking for the tickets she had purchased but Giuseppe found them first.

He beats her and tells her that if she ever tries to take them away again, he would make sure she never sees them again.

She says she cared more about protecting her sons than anything and that everything she did back then was for them.

Damon rushes into the fight between Damon and Stefan and stops it before Enzo does something drastic. However, when Julian tries to rush at Damon, Damon stabs him with the dagger and gives it a twist. Then, Lily begins to feel the same pain.

Bonnie walks into Alaric's office to find a drunk Alaric. She says she just came to get a book and before she leaves, she asks if she could do her research there.

She asks him if he wants to talk about what's bothering him but he declines. She fills Alaric in on the dagger they found and through her research she learns that the Phoenix stone gives the dagger it's power.

Enzo finds out that Lily is linked to Julian and he loses it. He attacks Damon but is actually taken out by Julian. Damon asks Julian if he should be dead, then gets a dagger himself. Elsewhere, Valerie and Caroline are arguing back and forth about how much she knows about the spell.

Valerie says that she used the spell before because she was pregnant. She tried to save the life within her but she wasn't strong enough to do it on her own.

Caroline puts it all together and realizes that the baby was Stefan's. Valerie tells Caroline that she has the chance to make sure Alaric's future isn't what hers was.

Stefan rushes to save his brother and almost kills Julian but Lily stops him. Julian tells Lily that Damon was under the impression that the dagger would kill him but it didn't. She asks Julian to take her home and Stefan and Damon are left disappointed. Matt gets a call from Bonnie and he is not happy that she ditched him for Enzo.

Matt says that Tyler and Jeremy may have found a way to help and he no longer needs her help. Enzo shows up with a drink for Bonnie and the two reminisce over the days failure.

Bonnie tells him that he is better off without her.

Stefan is upset at Damon for trying to kill Julian and their mother. Damon says that Stefan keeps looking for hope in their mother but it's not there. Stefan tells him that he doesn't know the whole story but Damon says he doesn't care and that Lily deserves what she gets, before walking out of the house. Lily is in her room when Julian walks in.

She asks him why he was fighting with Enzo knowing that their lives were linked together. He says her life was never in danger and when Lily asks him about Valerie, he denies it.

He lies through his teeth about doing something so revolting and for a moment it's almost like she didn't believe him. However, he manages to sweet talk his way back into her good graces.

Lily has a flashback of Giuseppe apologizing for his drunk rage earlier on in the evening. He asks for her forgiveness just as Julian did in the present day and it triggers something inside of her. Julian looks her in the eyes and tells her that he would never hurt her. Caroline is getting an ultrasound but the doctor isn't seeing any babies or hearing any heartbeats.

She gives Caroline and Alaric some time together and Caroline apologizes. Alaric says he is sorry for being so desperate to believe that it's possible.

Valerie walks into the room and she uncloaks the twins from Caroline's stomach. Caroline is carrying Alaric's twins.

Later on that night, Lily pays Damon and Stefan a visit and tells them that they were right about Julian and apologizes for not seeing it sooner.

She says she traded one monster for another but she won't let him hurt them again. She has a plan and this time they won't get caught.

"Mommie Dearest" is making it much easier for fans to see why the future of Mystic Falls is so different from what they may have expected. The entire feel of the show is shifting and it's making for some pretty interesting relationships.

Everyone seems to have a common enemy, Julian.

Will they be able to take him out? Fans who can't get enough will have to tune in next week to see what The CW hit has in store or head over to the shows main page.

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