'The Vampire Diaries' Recap 'Let Her Go,' Season 6 Episode 15, Caroline Grieves

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Last week fans of "The Vampire Diaries" said goodbye to Jeremy and also lost Sheriff Forbes.

This week in "Let He Go," the fifteenth episode of the shows sixth season, emotions run high for Caroline as her mother is laid to rest.

Elena notices a big anomaly in Caroline's behavior as she chooses to deal with the death of Sheriff Forbes in a strange manner unbeknownst to Stefan and everyone else. Alaric is upset as Kai is now looking to the woman he tried to kill, Jo for help. Matt and Tyler are two characters to who have pretty much had enough of the drama in their lives and are forced to think about making a big change.

The death of Sheriff Forbes is also weighing heavily on Damon who will be delivering her eulogy and it causes him to reflect on the death of his own mother.

Bonnie's quest to find her way back to her friends in present day Mystic Falls comes to a strange twist where she finds herself in a peculiar situation.

Tonights emotional episode began with a flashback of little Caroline getting tended to by her mother. She is remembering when she first crashed her bike and asked her mother if she was going to die.

When she is reassured that neither of them are dying soon, little Caroline asks her, "what if you die and I still here?" She tells her mother she will always need her and then wakes up from a dream to find all of her friends around her sleeping.

Caroline walks in on Damon writing her mother's eulogy.

Caroline is very cold when Damon tries to explain why he is writing it, Caroline tells him that today will be the worst day of her life and she doesn't want to spend it by bonding with him.

Before she walks out he gives her some stern advice, that the moments she has people around her will be easier than when there is nothing but quiet.

Caroline scribbles out a checklist of things that need to be done. She presents them to her friends and when they agree to help, she and Elena take off for casket shopping. Bonnie is counting the days until she can go home, by recording he process. She now has all of her magic back and is just waiting for the eclipse.

Jo is throwing up in the toilet as Alaric asks her if she needs him, however, he refuses. Just then, Kai comes to the door and Alaric tries to shoo him off but he ends up telling Jo and Alaric that he is defective because he merged with the wrong person.

Kai tells her that if he dies then he, Liv and the rest of their cousin will die. He asks for Jo's help to fix his ailing death problems; big surprise.

Damon remembers helping his little brother suit up for their mother's funeral when they were younger. Stefan tells him that their mother's angel visited him and told him everything would be alright. In present day, Stefan walks in and asks Damon for advice on what to do since he and Caroline kissed, then her mom died.

Damon tells him to pull the plug because she is not the right one.

He tells Stefan that not all love is true love and if Stefan is ready he shouldn't lead her on. Damon does tell him to wait until the funeral is over.

Elena and Caroline are going over how she needs to deal with her mother's death and the fact that she kissed Stefan. Elena tells her to wait another day, however, Caroline says that she needs to know today and she's ahead of schedule.

Alaric watches over Jo and Kai who begins to puke once more.

Kai drained her of some magic and it works like medicine for him.

When Kai tells Jo he needs her magic, Alaric steps in, but it's revealed that Bonnie's fate is tied to Kai's well being, just like everyone else in his family.

Bonnie tries to get back home but she fails at the attempt because it seems like her prison is fading out.

Once again just when Bonnie seems like she is going to come back home, something happens and she is disappointed once more.

How much can she take before she attempts to take her own life again? Fans also need to know what is going on in Stefan's mind at this moment, does he want to be with Caroline or will he ruin Steroline before they get a chance to move further?

Elena walks in on Damon who still isn't done writing the eulogy for Sheriff Forbes. She tells him that she is worried about Caroline and the way she is dealing about her death.

She also asks Damon if he isn't done with the eulogy yet and he freaks out a bit telling her that he shouldn't have to act like a nice person when he isn't.

Another flashback occurs with Stefan telling Damon he missed his speech and Damon replied it was because he didn't know what to say.

Stefan begins to cry and tells him he could have just said goodbye, just then, Damon begins writing again.

Jo tells Alaric she has no choice but to give Kai her magic. Alaric tells her that she always has a choice and no matter which one she chooses, he will be by her side. It is now time for everyone to say goodbye to Sheriff Forbes but before the church fills up Stefan walks in. He asks her if she is doing fine and she says she is all things considered.

He asks again and she says no. Caroline tells him that she was suppose to put him in a category but she didn't know which one to put him in.

Stefan tells her that he wants to talk to her about everything and she says she is sorry, but Stefan hugs her tells her not to be and that they will talk once everything is over.

This is strange and it doesn't look good for Steroline.

Caroline weeps over her mother's casket and Elena comes in to tell her that everyone is ready for the service. Caroline tells her that she will be okay and everything will be fine after today.

Bonnie is still recording her journey and she thinks that she may be having a psychotic break.

She sees a strange light that resembles an aurora borealis and enters the home it is emitting from. She reads and open book and realizes that she is traveling backwards in time, 1903 to be exact.

Tyler arrives to the funeral late and drunk and Matt refuses to let him in. Matt says that he is sorry about Tyler and Liv but Caroline doesn't deserve for him to bring it to her mother's ceremony. The beautiful ceremony that Caroline worked so hard on begins.

Her mother is honored for being a representative of law enforcement. There is a final page to her radio with no answer and it's a bit eerie and sad.

Damon begins his heartfelt speech about passing on a message to Caroline.

Damon finally delivers the message to Caroline who deserved to know that she was extraordinary. In that moment there is a look on Stefan's face as if he contemplates Damon's words. He ends with a goodbye and Stefan is still looking torn.

It's Caroline's turn and she thanks everyone for coming, when she breaks out into a song for her mother Stefan has a look of realization on his face.

Carolines beautiful tribute brings tears to Elena's eyes who is comforted by Damon.

The service is over and Caroline is receiving condolences from everyone. Tyler joins Matt and this time he is sober. Matt tells him that he understands what he is going through.

He also tells Tyler that seeing the tribute to Sheriff Forbes made him want to be a part of something and he handed him a form for officer training.

Elena catches Caroline as she heads out and gives her a big hug before she finally lets Caroline walk home alone. Elena notices that there was something a little off.

Bonnie is yet again recording the time period she is in, back to when Stefan and Damon were serving the country years ago. It's now time for Kai to drain Jo's power and the begin the transfer of power to Kai. That power transfer has a direct effect on Bonnie's prison and she is back to the correct date with little time left in the eclipse.

She runs to try to make it to the cave and complete the spell.

She reaches the cave and starts the spell but she is not alone. A woman dressed in 19th century clothing approaches her and they both question each other as to who each of them were.

The spell is completed by Jo who has transferred all of her power to Kai. Kai is now all better thanks to Jo and wishes his sister a good life before he vacates the house. Alaric asks Jo what Kai said but she tells Alaric that she was sick because she was pregnant.

Alaric asks her to marry him and she says no he can't make a pity proposal. However, it wasn't a pity proposal, he planned on proposing all along and pulled a ring out of his pocket while giving her a romantic heartfelt speech.

He confirms that it isn't a pity proposal and he really loves her. Oh and by the way she said yes!

Stefan meets his brother at the bar and tells him he liked his speech. Damon tells him that he realized it wasn't about him. He also tells him that he failed him when he never gave the speech for their mother and he didn't want to fail anyone again. Stefan tells Damon that he was wrong about Caroline and he does in fact feel something for her and it could be amazing.

Damon tells him to get out of the bar and go deliver his news to Caroline. Meanwhile, Caroline arrives home with the American flag from her mother's funeral.

She looks lost and alone in her big empty house. She walks around slowly and somberly. She takes a breath of her mother's old clothes and notices a presence.

Elena followed her back to the house and Caroline told her that she was fine. Elena noticed that Caroline was trying to get away in order to turn off her emotions. Caroline says that damon made her realize that what she is feeling is going to get worst. Elena is still trying to talk her out of flipping the humanity switch.

Caroline argues that her experience will be different. Caroline feels like Stefan, Damon and Elena all got to deal with death in their own ways but she can't.

Elena realizes that Caroline's mind would have been changed if Stefan said the right thing earlier. Caroline breaks down and Elena is there to help her for a split second, until Caroline snaps her neck.

Damon gets off the phone with Elena's voicemail to find Bonnie back home! When Stefan walks in to tell Caroline what he didn't earlier he finds Elena on the floor and Caroline nowhere in sight.

Meanwhile, Bonnie plays the video of her meeting with the woman she saw and Damon recognizes her as his mother! What a crazy intense plot twist.

With last week being one of the most heart-wrenching episodes of "The Vampire Diaries," fans should have known that an even more emotional episode was coming. "Let Her Go" not only revisits a vulnerable place that Damon once had, but dealt with the grief of losing a loved one very close to you.

Bonnie is on what looked like a never-ending quest to return home with her friends and things just kept preventing her from doing so, not tonight, she is finally back home.

Steroline is in a ton of trouble as it looks like Caroline has flipped her switch, just when things were getting good."The Vampires Diaries" continues to shock and entertain fans on a weekly basis.

Fans who can't get enough will have to tune in when TVD returns to see what The CW hit has in store.