'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: 'Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me' Season 7 Episode 8, Caroline's Decision

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Now that Lily is Team Salvatore on CWTV's The Vampire Diaries, things can only get better right? In "Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me," episode eight of season seven, Caroline comes clean about her pregnancy and Stefan is full of confusion.

Julian and Lily are having a murder party in celebration of Mary Louise and Nora's anniversary, unbeknownst to the rest of the Mystic Falls team. Stefan and Damon are once again trying to foil Julian's plan especially when there is added danger involved.

Caroline has to make peace with being pregnant with Alaric's twins and when Stefan finds out, their relationship is in a serious rocky point quite early on.

Just when Lily thought she knew what side she was going to be on, things get pretty complicated.

The evening begins with a scene from the future where Damon has been captured and chained up at the news station. You can hear the voice of his captive and when she emerges Damon tells his mother Lily, "it's been a long time." In present day Lily wakes up next to the monster Julian. Damon, Stefan and Enzo are all trying to formulate a plan to kill Julian. They first need to get his blood and get one of the heretics to help loosen the bond between Julian and Lily.

Julian, Mary Louise and Nora are having a grand time preparing breakfast. Stefan decides to let Valerie in on the plan but Enzo is happy about it.

Valerie says she will tell the rest of the Heretics the truth about Julian.

Mary Louise and Nora remind Lily that they are celebrating their anniversary. Julian pressures Lily into planning a surprising evening for the couple. Caroline writes to Elena and tells her that she is pregnant with Alaric's baby. She is confused because she knows how much it means to Alaric, however, she doesn't know how she feels about it all.

Just then, Matt calls Caroline and tells her that all of the humans that the Heretics were stockpiling have disappeared. Caroline also tells Matt that she can't help him because she is pregnant.

She is hoping that Stefan takes it well but knows it might be too much.

Enzo visits Lily and continues to make an attempt to win her heart over. He recites a beautiful poem and impresses Lily. He tells her that there is a lot about him that she didn't allow herself to get to know.

Enzo wants to know if Lily believes in Valerie being able to convince the Heretics and she says yes. He asks her to run away with him and leave her sons to handle Julian.

She tells him that she can't run away with him and when he asks what if she could, the two of them kiss passionately.

Julian is leading Mary Louise and Nora to their anniversary party filled with a ton of people. Julian has compelled them all to do whatever and be whatever they all want them to be. Lily walks into the party to find Julian feeding on one of the partygoers. Lily scolds Julian and Mary Louise and Nora almost walk away until Lily agrees that this time can be one exception.

Then, the feeding commences. Stefan gets a text from Lily and he is almost ready to head out with Damon but Caroline surprises them at the door.

Caroline finds out that they are heading out to the party and when Damon asks her what she is doing there she freezes. Valerie saves her by telling Damon that they will go ahead to the party.

Caroline sits Stefan who has an incredibly puzzled look on his face. He doesn't say a word and says he doesn't think there are any words. He tells her that he has to go and that he wants to talk about it. He promises her before leaving to take advantage of a small window to kill Julian. Stefan dropped the ball.

Meanwhile, at the party, Mary Louise is asking Julian some advice because she plans on proposing to Nora. Julian presents to her, the perfect ring for the perfect couple.

Lily presents Nora with a book as an anniversary gift. The two are interrupted by Julian who asks her to dance with him.

He bribed the DJ to play them a slow song and it happens to be a song that was sung by Beau before he lost his voice. He tells her that their whole family is back together like old times. Julian then pressures Lily into drinking from a human.

He tells her that she keeps holding on to hope that Stefan and Damon will love her again but they wont. He says that it is causing unwanted friction.

He asks her to let go and become the woman he fought through hell for. She ends up indulging and feeding on a human but Damon walks in and she immediately has a look of guilt on her face.

Damon is waiting outside and Lily runs out to talk to him. She tells him that she had to feed to convince Julian that she is on their his side. She says that Valerie can get through to them and she can't spend another moment with Julian. Damon says that he is only there for Stefan and if it was up to him he would have already taken both her and Julian again.

Damon tells her that she is already dead to him and if it was up to him he would have left her in the prison world. Nora approaches Mary Louise and when she begins reading passages from the book, Mary Louise opens the box and proposes.

Nora says yes as the two seem blissfully happy. Valerie shows up and Mary Louise asks what she is doing besides ruining the greatest moment of their life. She plans on telling them the worst moment of hers.

Matt walks in on Enzo who is feeding on a girl. He lets her go and he and Matt have a chat about what he is still doing in town if no one wants him there. Enzo tells Matt that the Heretics are having a murder party right in front of him. He tells Matt that he brought a knife to a gunfight and it will be the death of him. When Enzo tries to leave he is staked by a crew who kidnaps him. Lily enters a room with Valerie, and the rest of the Heretics. Damon pays Julian a visit.

Valerie bares the entire story to her Heretics. Stefan and Damon are getting ready for an attack. Valerie tells the Heretics that when Julian saw her power he wanted more. Lily confirms that she believes every word that Valerie said.

Lily tells them that she is leaving him and Valerie says they need their help and asks them if believe. Beau steps forward and gives Valerie a big hug.

Nora is next but when it comes time for Mary Louise, she is a bit hesitant. She does manage to come around and they begin a ceremony.

Damon throws a dart at Julian to draw blood while Stefan stakes him. Lily is held by Beau so that she can brace herself to feel the wounds that Julian is receiving. Stefan then instructs Damon to tie Julian up. Stefan approaches Lily and tells her that he has Julian's blood. She tells him that the Heretics are waiting for it in the greenhouse. Before he leaves, he tells Lily that Caroline is pregnant but not with his children.

He admits to Lily that he didn't handle things the right way and asks for advice. Lily tells him to tell Caroline that he loves her and never forget what she must be feeling. She also tells him to love her enough to let her go if she needs to.

Lily thinks she has lost everything but Stefan says she hasn't lost him.

She knows that Damon doesn't feel the same about forgiveness but Stefan tells her that Damon can bring his wall down.

Stefan tells her not to worry and tells Lily she needs to give Damon time if she wants to get him back.

Julian tries to get into Damon's head by trying to get him to reconsider and kill both Julian and his mother. Valerie comes in and tells Julian to rot in hell but Mary Louise doesn't seem to believe Valerie. She attacks Damon and sends him to his knees. Caroline gets a call from Stefan who tells her that he could use a drink but he is calling to tell her that he is sorry. He says he didn't know what to say and didn't want to say the wrong thing so he left.

Caroline understands and tells him that she understands if he wants to run. Stefan tells her he isn't going anywhere and he loves her.

He says no matter how weird it all gets, they will get through it together. Before she lets him go, Caroline tells Stefan that she loves her too.

Mary Louise is crying and Nora runs into her and asks her what's wrong.

Lily returns to a room to find Julian tying up Damon and Valerie. He asks her to choose between Damon and Valerie for which one lives. He tells her she is either a Salvatore or one of them but she can't be both. He hands her a stake and tells her to choose. Nora is scolding Mary Louise for what she did and gives her the engagement ring. She says she doesn't want any of it and walks away.

Lily tries to convince Julian that he is not himself. Damon asks Lily to get it all over with. Valerie is begging Lily to help her.

Lily tells her she is such a strong girl. Damon asks to be killed but instead, Lily turns to Julian, tells him that she is wrong, and says she chose to be both.

She stabs herself, however, Julian rushes to her side rips the stake out and tells her that he had already unlinked them. Stefan rushes in to see his mother laying on the floor.

Enzo is sitting in the back of a van and Matt tells him to save his strength because he can't break out of the cage. He pumped him full of vervain and told him that he was wrong about him. Matt says that someone wanted him after all. Nora is standing over the dying Lily and she can't get the splinters out of her heart. Nora says her last words and tells Lily that she loves her and they wouldn't be a family without her.

Beau kisses Lily on her forehead and leaves her side. Stefan takes his mother's arm and she says only one of them gets the luxury of going through with what they talked about. She makes him promise that he will make full use of his.

Julian is in the other room completely angry and distraught over Lily. Mary Louise comes in and Julian breaks the news to her.

Valerie forgives Lily for loving Julian and kisses her goodbye. Damon is standing at the door drinking and Valerie walks over to him and urges him to make the most of his mother's last moments. He walks over to her and she tells him that she is truly sorry. Stefan looks at him and asks him to say something.

Damon walks over and tells his mother that she made her bed and she should have a nice nap. Those are the last words Lily hears before she dies and it sets Stefan into a rage.

Damon leaves the room and Stefan throws the bottle to the fire.

In the future, it looks like Lily actually came to save Damon.

He tells her that he is so sorry, however, it looks like the vervain in his system caused him to hallucinate. There is someone else keeping Damon hostage in the future.

"Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me," really exposes all of the adversity that Stefan, Caroline, Damon, Bonnie and the rest of the Mystic Falls gang is facing. Never has there been more difficult situations.

Guess viewers shouldn't have gotten use to Steroline.

The Vampire Diaries is really pushing the envelope and things should be getting even more intense.

Fans who can't get enough will have to tune in next week to see what The CW hit has in store or head over to the shows main page.

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