'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: 'Gods & Monsters' Season 7 Finale Episode 22, Elena Visions?

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Here comes the big season seven finale of CWTV's The Vampire Diaries. In "Gods & Monsters," episode 22 and the season seven finale, the team has to band together in order to save Bonnie from killing them all.

The season seven finale finds Bonnie's friends particularly, Damon and Stefan making some pretty big decisions in order to save her life.

Stefan realizes that the team will need Caroline and Alaric's twin daughters because of their magical powers. Enzo is in charge of keeping Bonnie at bay but something goes very wrong.

Caroline looks to have made her decision about Stefan but he doesn't want to hear any of it until they make it out of this terrible situation. Meanwhile, Damon ventures into the Everlasting, which happens to sit under the armory.

While he is down there he believes he recognizes his love Elena. Is it Elena? Or it is the Everlasting playing tricks once again.

The episode kicks off as Stefan and Damon talk about Matt who seems to be missing. Damon wants to know why Stefan and Caroline aren't on a plane and Stefan tells him the storm was cancelled because of the storm.

Bonnie is after them and Damon says all they have to do is destroy the Everlasting and they are free from being destroyed. However, Caroline says if they destroy the Everlasting Bonnie dies and so do they.

Enzo he has been told otherwise by the Shamans and that is their best shot. Damon is getting ready to blast his way through the Armory.

Enzo says he is on to figuring out how to destroy the threat inside of the armory.

Damon can't blast the door open and asks Stefan to call Valerie. Stefan says he has no idea where Valerie is and Damon has another "adorable idea." He wants to use the twins.

Caroline says absolutely not and her kids are staying out of it She says they don't have a good enough excuse to use them and Stefan says he will find Valerie instead. Bonnie is getting snippets from the conversations between her friends with Matt riding along side of her.

Bonnie says they are scared and they should be because she can feel it taking over.

Matt tells Bonnie to untie him if she doesn't want to hurt them. Bonnie says she knows in her heart that she should but she doesn't. Enzo visits Virginia who realizes that Bonnie did not listen to her.

Virginia says if that thing is allowed to get out in the world they are in trouble.

She says they can't fight it and they can't kill it. Enzo tells her not to be scared and tell her what it is.

Caroline is Facetiming with Alaric and the twins who miss their mom. Caroline hangs up and says the girls are 3-years-old and they shouldn't be involved in that world just yet.

She then tells Stefan that Lizzie siphoned her the other day.

She said she didn't mean to and she wants them to have as normal a childhood as possible. Stefan tells her it's her decision period and she thanks him but tells him it doesn't let him off the hook.

Stefan says he feels a thaw but Caroline tells him there is definitely not a thaw. They get a call from Bonnie who tells them they need them to drive faster because she is gaining on them.

Caroline says okay, however, they come up to a ton of traffic in a pile up on the road.

Stefan has to use his driving skills and swings into on coming traffic. He tells her to let them drive by her and Matt says she can't.

Matt interferes and swerves out of the way of Stefan and Caroline, however, the police SUV crashes. Enzo tells Damon he doesn't want to know what he has found out.

Damon says he has a plan to get in to the armory but it's messy. Enzo doesn't care at this point and agrees to meet him at a small runway.

Caroline and Stefan are refueling and she is worried as to whether or not they are okay. Stefan hasn't heard from Damon and tells Caroline that she needs to get going.

He hands her the keys and heads out to find Damon after no hearing from him.

Damon reaches some turbulence when Stefan tracked down his pilot and got him to deter from the plan. Stefan tells Damon that he is getting on the plane to kidnap two innocent children.

Damon says he wants to speak to Alaric and talk to him then, he would kidnap them if they didn't comply. Stefan tells Damon it's Caroline's choice and hangs up.

Caroline calls Alaric while she is driving. Alaric says they can't keep doing this they need to find a way. Caroline says that Damon and Enzo need Lizzie and Josie to get into the Armory.

She says she told them no but then she talked to Bonnie on the phone and she sounds scared and in pain.

Caroline says she can't just make the decision. Alaric says they need to make the decision together and later on decides that they will help.

Bonnie wakes up and asks Matt if he is okay. Matt is fine but he is stuck. Bonnie says she is fine and if she was dead everybody could go on with their lives.

Matt doesn't want his friend dead and says he can keep stopping her. She says he doesn't belong in that fight and leaves Matt behind.

Matt radios out for help but there is no response. He tries to get himself loose but injures himself even more.

Stefan meets with Damon who is still mad about the pilot. Stefan says that Caroline is bringing the kids and that's all that matters. Damon is still mat at Stefan for making the choice to call off the pilot.

Stefan says that he actually believed Damon when he kidnapped Caroline, however, it wasn't love, it was fear. Stefan says when Damon put himself down, he was afraid that he would do something terrible and lose Elena forever.

Stefan says that fear overrode any feelings that he and the rest of the people that cared about Damon had. He says he begged his brother to stay and he turned his back on him like it was nothing.

He says he thought about that and he refuses to be ruled by fear like Damon. Caroline, Alari, Josie and Lizzie arrive and Alaric has to explain to the girls what they have to do to open the doors.

Caroline tells the girls that they are special because they are the keys. She has everyone put one hand on the door.

She explains to Lizzie and Josie that they have to open the door or else they will lose Caroline forever.

This is more than enough motivation for the girls who begin to siphon the magic away from the doors. They unlock it and Alaric and Caroline hold their kids telling them that it is all over.

Bonnie gets a call from Enzo and he says not everyone is waiting at the Armory. He asks her for a favor and says he needs her to think about him.

He says she needs to trace him and only him but Bonnie is scared that she will catch him. She traces him and is ready to take off after him.

Damon wanted to see the girls but they are long gone. Damon opens the door of the Armory where he and Stefan will venture into.

Before Stefan walks in Caroline calls out to him but he tells her whatever it is she has to say, she can say it when it's over. He and Damon step inside the Armory and lock the door behind them.

They see a building full of dead bodies and Damon says he has seen worse. Damon tells Stefan that the final Everlasting is bad and is laying in a coffin somewhere.

Meanwhile, Bonnie catches Enzo cooking her a meal in the Cabin.

He says he was running out of gas and he cannot begin to know what she is feeling. He asks to share a meal and a drink one last time but Bonnie aims her gun at him.

She fires on shot and misses so Enzo takes off. Damon seems to be having second thoughts about going in and Stefan tells him he could always wait outside with the 3-year-olds.

Stefan asks him if he is ready to do this and Damon says he is going to do it alone.

Stefan says Damon needs his help but Damon says he has helped him all of the time and all he has done was screwed Stefan over.

Damon asks Stefan to let him succeed or fail on his own. Damon says he knows his choices suck sometimes but this time he needs Stefan to believe in him. Damon says if Stefan doesn't want to live a life of fear, Stefan needs to walk out on him and trust that he will be okay one way or another.

Stefan says okay and the brothers share a hug. Stefan says if Damon needs him he will be right outside.

After Stefan walks away, Damon enters the vault and locks the door behind him. Caroline is pacing and says it has been too long. Just then the door opens and Stefan walks out.

Caroline says "thank God" and runs up to hug Stefan. Alaric is there to witness it and Caroline then asks where Damon is. Stefan says it is not over yet.

Meanwhile, Bonnie and Enzo are in a pretty heated battle. Bonnie gets the best of Enzo and almost kills him. She stakes him and asks Enzo to fight her but he can't.

Damon wanders into the vault and it is dark and spooky. Enzo is clearly dying and Bonnie is begging him to hold her back.

Bonnie apologizes and Enzo says it is okay but she needs to forget this moment and remember the others.

Enzo tells Bonnie that he had over a century of pain and loneliness before he found her and three glorious years of love. They both confess their love and Bonnie says she can't hold back anymore.

Damon is getting ready to burn the Everlasting as Bonnie gets closer to ending Enzo for good. Before she could kill Enzo, Damon sets the final Everlasting on fire and Bonnie is cured while Enzo is saved.

They all exclaim after Damon completed his mission. Caroline no longer has her scar and realizes that Damon did it. Alaric says he should take the kids home and Caroline says she will get her stuff, however, Alaric says she should stay.

Alaric says Caroline changed his life and turned it around. He says for that he will always love her though he knows she doesn't love him the same way.

Alaric says he always knew but there were moments when they were perfectly in sync. Part of him thought the moments might become something more but it wouldn't be fair to him or her.

Caroline apologizes and says part of her loved the idea of a perfect happy family and she didn't want to let that go.

Alaric says she should be happy because she deserves everything she wants. Alaric says no matter what happens they are all still be family.

Matt wakes up to the face of Penny who says this is quite the mess. Matt knows it isn't real and Penny asks him if he isn't going to consider that she is a ghost. Matt tries to apologize but Penny stops him.

She wants to know how he got himself into the situation and Matt says he can't escape the life. Penny says he hasn't really tried and asks him what he wants to do.

Matt says he just wants to be with Penny and begs her to take him with her. Penny says sorry and he doesn't belong with her either because there is a better life for him out there.

She begs him to wake up and he does. He is greeted by an officer who tells him that everything is going to be okay.

Stefan is pacing outside the Armory as Caroline tells Stefan that Damon is like a cockroach. Stefan is surprised to see that she is still there but Caroline says she still has some things to say to him after this is all over.

Stefan gets a message from Damon who says he is on his way out. Caroline is standing in front of Stefan and he says she can say whatever she needs to now.

Caroline says she lied earlier because there was a thaw. Stefan walks up to Caroline, looks her in the eyes and kisses her. Steroline is back on! Bonnie and Enzo get a call from Damon and Bonnie says he is kind of forgiven.

Damon jokes about Enzo being alive and Damon tells Bonnie to thank him in person with gifts. Just then, Damon hears Elena calling to him.

He tells Bonnie and Enzo that he can hear Elena but Bonnie tells him that Elena is in a warehouse in Brooklyn. Damon says he knows but he gets flashes of him and Elena together. It draws him into the vault as Elena begs Damon to help her.

Bonnie and Enzo tell Damon to get out of there but he doesn't listen. He ventures deeper and when he turns around there is fear all over his face.

Bonnie rushes to the Armory and asks Stefan and Caroline where Damon is. They tell her that Damon is in the vault and only someone in the Armory can open it.

Stefan asks Bonnie why she didn't bring Enzo and she says she did however, he is not there.

He is outside the vault door and opens it. He ventures inside of it and calls out for Damon after closing the door.

Enzo ventures deeper inside of the vault and Damon is there. He asks him if it's just Enzo and doesn't look like the normal Damon.

Enzo says he snuck off to save Damon who says it was very heroic of him. Enzo says he doesn't leave people behind and that he wants to do right by Bonnie.

Damon warns him that it doesn't always work out so great and Enzo says he had a feeling. Damon says it is not as bad as he thinks and it only hurts at first.

However, after that it's kind of fun. Then, out of nowhere, something grabs Enzo and pulls him back.

Caroline is writing to Elena and says that they were so close. She says that she and Stefan had worked out their problems, Bonnie and Enzo were on the verge of being happy and Damon had finally done something selfless.

However, they waited in the room for days and Stefan didn't sleep trying to open the door. After a week Alaric managed to crack the security code and they were prepared for anything, except what they saw.

The vault was empty completely cleaned out. Bonnie calls out for Enzo but no one is there. Caroline says she is worried about Bonnie because she lost the two people that were closest to her and she can't even do a locator spell to find them.

She feels hopeless. Matt reached out to all of his contacts but he left because none of this was his fight.

Stefan says it was three months before they heard the first roomer of a string of missing persons on the West Coast, wrote Stefan.

Stefan says the numbers kept growing from 20-60 and Stefan knew it was them Stefan says he doesn't know what is wrong with them or what they are doing or why, however, he promises Elena that they will get them back.

He says that she needs to know whatever happens between now and then, is not his fault.

Elsewhere Damon and Enzo are chaining up a body and draining it of blood. They agree that it hasn't gotten old as the camera pans to a warehouse full of hanging bodies.

"Gods & Monsters" was a huge season seven finale for CWTV's The Vampire Diaries. While parts of it seemed a bit predictable, the episode moved really fast and still manages to shock the viewer.

No one could have seen that end coming and season eight is looking like it is going to be one hell of a roller coaster ride.

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