'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: 'Best Served Cold' Season 7 Episode 6, Julian's Party

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Last week Lily and her Heretics brought her long lost love Julian back from the dead on CWTV's The Vampire Diaries.

In "Best Served Cold," episode six of season seven, Lily tries to make peace but her boys aren't having it.

Lily wants to celebrate the return of her soul mate Julian with a dinner party in hope to find peace between Damon and Stefan, the heretics and everyone who lives in Mystic Falls. However, her sons don't seem to want peace anymore, especially Stefan after he learned that Julian is the man responsible for taking away his first love and his unborn child. Bonnie and Matt have to team up on a weird mission that leaves them puzzled.

Alaric is finally over the edge after finding out a heavy revelation. The state of Caroline and Stefan's relationship is at question with Stefan knowing the real reason Valerie never came back to him. It's a dinner party to remember.

It all begins with Damon staring at a refrigerator in Alaric's house three years in the future. Damon is trying to talk to Alaric's wife, who happens to be Caroline. Just then a broadcast comes on TV and it's Caroline with blood streaming down her head. She says she has a message for Stefan Salvatore.

The episode moves from the future to an apparent past where Stefan has a son and he's teaching him how to hunt. He looks around and his son, Jacob, has disappeared.

Stefan wakes up from a bad dream and Caroline heard him screaming Jacob's name. Meanwhile, Valerie comes downstairs in a towel and Caroline is surprised when she sees her.

Stefan explains that they are trying to protect Valerie from being killed by Julian. He asks Caroline to trust what he's doing and she just goes along with it. They begin kissing and are interrupted by Valerie who says she needs to be as far away as possible.

In the Salvatore mansion, Beau and Julian are having a pretty intense fencing match when Lily comes in and asks them to take it outside. Lily asks him if he's sure he should be in bed and he tells her he has been asleep for hundreds of years.

Lily tells him about her enemies who happen to be her sons. Julian thought that her sons were her life and says he has some catching up to do.

Damon and Stefan receive an invitation inviting them to a dinner to celebrate the peace of the town. Bonnie calls Alaric and asks him that he was supposed to help them figure out what's going to happen with Jo, or the woman who is in her body. Bonnie demands that Alaric sees her immediately before she has to attend the dinner.

Damon says that he isn't going to the dinner but Stefan begins trying to explain that he needs to go to the dinner.

Stefan says he wants to kill Julian at the dinner after Damon goes on a rant about wanting his mother to savor time with Julian before he takes her away. The look of shock on Damon's face is absolutely priceless.

Caroline is trying to get Valerie to get as far away from Stefan and her as possible. She takes a break from locations to find names for her. Valerie tells Caroline that there was an entire horror story behind Stefan's wanting to kill Julian.

She strategically mentions it but goes not further than the fact that Stefan knows something and he didn't share it with his girlfriend. Julian has a chat with Nora and when Mary Louise comes down Nora asks her if she will be greeting the guests dressed the way she was.

She asks if there was something wrong and Julian says no, she looks as exquisite as ever. Nora just walks past her girlfriend.

While Damon and Stefan bicker over when they should kill Julian, the man of the hour walks in. Nora greets Matt and tries to make amends but Matt tells her to convince her family to leave Mystic Falls.

Mary Louise has changed her dress and joins in on the conversation but Nora tells her she is making it worst and grabs Matt to show him around.

Bonnie arrives at the party and she is greeted by Lily who also receives hostility.

Damon walks by Stefan and Julian who are playing pool. Damon tells a story about a man who wants to kill a vampire but fails when another interferes. The story is a reference to what Stefan was planning on doing and Julian already looks suspicious.

Alaric tends to Jo who is at the party and tells him that she is suffering from a type of amnesia. Alaric sees something that reminds him of Jo.

A student walks up to the two and Jo is quick on her feet when it comes to making it seem like she remembers the student.

However, he nose starts to bleed and it looks like something might be going wrong.

The party is in full swing and Lily interrupts to introduce Julian. She says that her family is finally complete and that in time they can restore the town and it's residents back to the way they were in peace. Julian asks Beau to figure out where he left something quite important to him.

Following the conversation Julian and Enzo are finally acquainted.

Enzo sees Bonnie from across the other side of the room and she actually helps him make Lily a bit jealous as she stares at them from across the room.

There seems to have been something there but Enzo tells her he has to go.

Alaric brings Jo back to the house where Caroline tries to heal her with her blood. The attempt fails and Valerie is a bit insensitive in revealing that Jo's body is actually dying because the human body cannot hold a vampire's soul. Caroline tells her about how Jo died and it strikes a cord with her because she knows what it feels like to lose a child.

Mary Louise is upset because she can't seem to make Nora notice her. Julian tells her that she has lost her swagger and she needs to drink the blood of the maid in order to regain it.

Julian is apparently a bad influence on the Heretics. Mary Louise gains her confidence and walks right up to Nora, planting a big kiss on her.

Bonnie is approached by a young man who continuously asks her where the high school is. He then quits right in front of her and leaves the party. Matt comes over to ask her what it was all about and she seems as puzzled as him. Damon is trying to talk sense into his brother and prevent him from killing Julian. Matt walks in with a bottle of of whiskey.

Damon notices that it is his and drinks it but it contains vervain. Matt then injects him with some more and it was all part of Stefan's plan to get Damon away from the party.

Stefan then attacks Julian and throws him into the fire but Lily comes in just in time to help him. Stefan has a look of pure hatred in his eyes towards both his mother and Julian who seem very surprised.

Damon wakes up and instantly remembers what happened. Lily asks Stefan what she could do to make him hate her so much. He tells her it's not about her but she doesn't believe him. When Damon arrives he tries to get Stefan to leave with him but Lily tells them to sit down.

When they try to leave, Julian tells them to sit down before he makes them sit down. Julian goes on a rant about a dream where he kills the woman he loves over and over again.

He says that the truth is he would never do harm to Lily. He says that Hell was trying to play tricks on him and if he did snap he wouldn't be a man, he would be a monster.

A fight ensues Julian and the Salvatore boys and Julian almost kills Damon but Lily stops him and orders the boys to leave. The dying body of Jo remembers that her name was Florence and she apologizes for not being his wife. She tells Alaric that his wife would have been a lucky woman because he would have been an amazing husband. He thanks her for allowing him to say goodbye and enabling him to hear her voice.

She says goodbye Ric and that is the end of Alaric's last hope. Caroline witnessed the event and she stares are Alaric in a sorrowful manner after watching him become very vulnerable.

Bonnie and Matt head over to the high school to see what the waiter was hinting to. It's dark and abandoned and when they walk in they find the waiter carrying an IV bag into a room where a number of sedated students are sitting. Matt tries to get them to move but Bonnie says it's not going to work, someone compelled them to be there.

Caroline tries to help Alaric when he notices that Valerie has made it very far into the video.

She notices that the Gemini chant heard in the video was to save the last of the Gemini twins. She says that she thinks Alaric's babies are still alive.

Damon provokes Stefan into telling him Valerie's story and when he hears that his brother could have been a father, he asks him why he didn't tell him. Stefan tells him he didn't tell him because he didn't want Damon to crack jokes about it. Stefan says he wants Julian dead and no one will stop him from doing it now. Valerie explains that the coven was transferring the twins to another body.

Caroline thinks it's crazy and doesn't want him to get his hopes up. Valerie tells him she needs his blood to use as a way to locate the twins. She begins a locator spell to help him.

Stefan and Damon are having a drink and reminiscing about their past. They say that Julian reminds them of their father Giuseppe. Damon says that he and Elena talked about having a family before she was taken away. Stefan says that his only regret in life would be not having a kid.

Damon says if he wants Julian dead he will help him whenever he decides to. Lily walks in on Julian and asks him what the hell happened downstairs.

Julian tells her that she is lucky they still have a head. Lily says the night was to bring peace.

Julian tells Lily that she is unrecognizable and he doesn't see the woman he fell in love with. Lily tells him that she doesn't want her children dead and if he does then they have a problem. Julian gives her a story about being frightened that he isn't the same man she remembered. She makes him promise that nothing like what happened earlier will ever happen again.

He says he needs to feel safe and he wants to protect him. Julian says he needs to feel safe and Lily knows that it will take the entire family to help him.

Valerie continues the spell and Caroline tells them to stop because the blood is off the map.

Just then, the map is on fire. Valerie tells Caroline and Alaric that the babies are there, inside of Caroline. Caroline is carrying Alaric and Jo's twins.

"Best Served Cold" shows the two Salvatore brothers working together like never before. It also showed a very vengeful side of Stefan that fans may have not known existed, aside from his ripper state.

Though it is clear that Lily will not leave the side of Julian which shows that blood may not be thicker than water in their case.

Fans who can't get enough will have to tune in next week to see what The CW hit has in store or head over to the shows main page.

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