'The Vampire Diaries' Recap: 'Because' Season 6 Episode 19, Damon's Struggles

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There is trouble brewing in "The Vampire Diaries" with the task of bringing Caroline back looming over Stefan. This week in "Because," the nineteenth episode of the sixth season, Damon is struggling with woes of his own.

Damon is still going through his own internal battle when it comes to telling Elena about the cure for vampirism. So, he decides to talk to her and pick her brain about what a life without vampires would be like. Just when things seem as if they can't get worst for the older Salvatore brother, Bonnie realizes that even after promising her that he would never betray her again, he does.

The story of Enzo's big transformation is explored in detail and he learns something that he didn't know before.

Stefan is still trying to go through all of the emotions of seeing his mother while trying to get Caroline's humanity restored.

Stefan finds Caroline and brings her to a little apartment. Caroline looks as if she is totally buying into the fact that Stefan still has his humanity switch turned off. The plan is being carried out after Stefan explains it to Damon and Elena.

In a funny moment Elena learns that Stefan and Caroline have had sex and he continues to go over the plan which involved bringing Caroline some triggers that could bring her back.

There is a knock at the door but when Caroline answers it's Damon who yells "towels" in a mocking voice and shoots her with some tranquilizer darts.

Three days later, Stefan and Caroline wake up to which he tells her they got caught.

Bonnie and Damon meet up and she confronts him about not giving Elena the cure. Damon is forced to tell Bonnie that even though he promised her he wouldn't give his mom the ascendant, he did anyway. Bonnie warns him that he better fix the situation before she is forced to handle it herself and threatens Damon, again.

Alaric and Jo are making wedding preparations and Elena happens to walk in on them while they get a little too intimate. Alaric and Jo were keeping watch over Caroline and Stefan.

Caroline is trying desperately to escape but Stefan cautions her that he already tried. Elena comes down to the room they are being kept in and tries to preach to Caroline about how much they want her back but Caroline isn't having it. Elena delivers a letter that showed up to their dorm room after Caroline's mother died.

When Stefan tries to hand it to her she just tells him to burn it.

Stefan has no choice but to give in or else he would be risking his undercover work. Stage one of the plan looks to have failed.

Matt looks to be doing better and gives Bonnie a call to let her know that Stefan's mother is at the grill. He runs into Enzo who is trying to find out more about the day her turned from Lily.

Lily embraces Enzo when she finally realizes who he is and asks him to join her for a drink.

Elena is upset that the letter didn't work and talk swirls into an exploration of "what would Elena do without vampires." Elena says that she sees herself with Damon five years from now with two kids.

She poses the same question to Damon who is saved by Caroline who is complaining about Elena and Damon's conversation.

Caroline is becoming a bit blood hungry but it also looks like she's hungry for Stefan as well. Damon is trying his hand at torturing Caroline with memories of his mother. Somewhere along the line Caroline says something that hits Damon pretty hard.

She talks about a make believe life where she thinks about things she can't have.

She even asks Damon what it feels like to know he can't give Elena what she really wants. Elena is hurt by Caroline's words and Damon is forced to go back to the drawing board.

At lunch Lily totally fails at fitting in in the real world. Lily realizes that Enzo thought she abandoned him and said that she would never do that. She tells him her story about the six heretics that were trapped with her. Lily ends up sharing all of her information about Bonnie and the plan to get the heretics out of the other world and Enzo isn't buying it.

Matt calls Bonnie to let her know that Lily and Enzo have left the grill. Bonnie was at the Salvatore mansion trying to find the ascendant and she almost gets caught.

She manages to get it and get out. Enzo tries to convince Lily that her real family is in the present day but she becomes very hostile when he mocks her.

Elena and Damon are arguing over what she really wants. She finally admits that she will never be 100 percent happy with being a vampire but knowing that she's going to be with him is good enough.

She does question why it's not enough for him.

Lily calls Damon angrily and threatens to destroy something very close to him, the cure for vampirism. Damon is not sure where the ascendant is but he has to find it before Lily does something drastic.

Caroline is trying to turn Stefan on but he's not budging causing him to expose the fact that he's had his humanity switch flipped the whole time. Caroline tells him that she doesn't feel like kissing anymore and using all the strength in her to kick down the door holding them in the room after snapping Stefan's neck.

Yep, we've got a wild Caroline on the loose again and an angry Lily.

Bonnie is working on a spell when she is interrupted by Damon. She warns him not to take another step and he demands the ascendant while promising that Kai won't get out. Damon tells Bonnie that his mother has the cure but it doesn't stop her from lighting the ascendant on fire.

Bonnie is sick of sacrificing everything all of the time and she also challenges Damon on the fact that he is more scared than he's ever been before. He is scared about what happens if he gives her the cure.

Bonnie hands over the ascendant but Damon doesn't take it.

While Caroline is trying to escape, she is pulled over by a cop that looks exactly like her mother. It appears as if Caroline is having an emotional breakdown. The whole thing was not real Stefan was just putting visions in her head to get her back.

He's urging her to take his hand so he can bring her back.

She hesitates as if she is going to give in but stabs him with broken glass and tells him she doesn't want his help, she wants him to die. Is this the end for Stefan?

Caroline is almost through with killing Stefan but he grabs her and she sees a memory of Stefan talking to her mom about mending her teddy bear. The memory continues and she sees that her mom and Stefan had the conversation about them being together. Stefan wanted things to be perfect for the two of them to get together, life without grief or loss. Caroline demands to see the rest.

She is too late and as an innocent Caroline begs to see her mother she can't help but to cry. She says that she needs the letter, however, Stefan tells her he gave her the letter and she destroyed it.

She breaks down and apologizes to Stefan for ruining everything and forcing him to turn his humanity off.

Damon is trying to talk to his mother about getting the cure for Elena but she destroys it in front of him. Or so he thought, Elena finds the cure that was left out by Lily for her to find.

She tells Elena that Damon was never going to give it to her in the first place, stirring up a world of trouble between Delena.

You never can have your cake and eat it too with "The Vampire Diaries." Fans are so close to getting Caroline back but now they may lose out on Damon and Elena being together.

Wouldn't at least one episode where Damon, Elena, Stefan and Caroline go on a double date and live normally just for once?

Stefan tries to run away from Caroline who says she doesn't want to see him. Alaric and Jo manage to convince Stefan otherwise and they tell him to let her decide what she wants.

Caroline is alone and she is back to normal.

Stefan asks her if she's okay and she says there is no way she could be okay after what she's done.

Instead of wanting Stefan to stay or saying what the future holds for the two of them, she walks away.

Enzo meets Lily who tells a tale of slipping back into her bloodlust after a run in with a local. What she managed to suppress for so long got the best of her and she showed signs of being a ripper again. Enzo is the one consoling her rather than her sons and it just seems strange. Elena and Damon re on common ground, however, she still holds the cure.

Damon admits that he was scared by what Elena sees five years from now. He bares his heart to Elena and she decides that they will give it someone else.

Damon commands her to take the cure and he will take it with her so they both become human. He doesn't want to live without Elena.

"Because" is another notch in "The Vampire Diaries" countdown to Nina Dobrev and her character Elena's exit from the show. Julie Plec and the rest of the TVD team have really began setting up the farewell quite intelligently.

Elena was a human when it all started and throughout it all, she still continues to yearn for a normal life.

Damon will have to make one of the hardest decisions of his life as fans really begin to see the decline of Delena.

Fans who can't get enough will have to tune next week to see what The CW hit has in store.