The Vampire Diaries 'Fade Into You' S6 EP8, The Awkward Friendsgiving Dinner

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Last week Elena was a step closer to regaining her memories but out of fear for her safety Damon walked away from the relationship. This week in "Fade Into You" the eighth episode of "The Vampire Diaries," "Friendsgiving" makes for an awkward dinner.

Stefan now has Damon and Alaric behind him trying to persuade him into dating Caroline. Tonight everything begins to revolve around the "Gemini Coven" after Liv and Luke both reveal something pretty disturbing about their witch lineage to Tyler.

Tyler takes to trying to help them out after Liv saved his life earlier on in the season.

Elena and Caroline will be hosting "Friendsgiving," that should be pretty awkward giving their current romantic situations, or lack-thereof.

Will the Salvatore brothers be able to gain the love of the two women who don't want anything to do with them?

The action kicks off as a flashback from May 9, 1994 begins with Jo laying on the floor pulling a knife out of her stomach. Little Luke and Liv are hiding behind their bed as Kai is walking around their house trying to take out his entire family.

Jo joins them as they all hide under the bed Kai walks into the room with his Chuck Taylors covered in blood and the scene changes to him and Bonnie.

He is holding Bonnie captive as they arrive in Portland, Oregon. He tells her that he has been in his state for a long time and by his count it is Thanksgiving.

Caroline and Elena are setting up for Friendsgiving at their super sized dorm room and Caroline is trying to convince her to either wipe Liam's memory or continue to lie. Alaric, Damon and Stefan are setting off to go on a journey of their own in search of the Gemini Coven.

Alaric gave Elena and Caroline the good news about Bonnie the two couldn't be any happier to know.

Alaric and Damon are teasing Stefan about Caroline as they walk up to the spot where Stefan once ventured to. They happen to be in Portland, OR, the same places that Kai and Bonnie are in the other world.

Kai brings Bonnie to the house that is supposed to be in what is now an empty space.

Kai leads her into the house where he went on his stabbing spree. Meanwhile, Damon continues to mock Stefan who punts the magical bear revealing something quite odd, the house is invisible!

The feast is all set and Liv brings the stuffing which Tyler accepts. Jo approaches Liv about her familiarity but Liv isn't as inviting to Jo. Liam shows up and apologizes to Elena for accusing her without properly looking at the facts.

Elena thanks Jo for helping out in the Liam area as she switched up the charts to lead him off her trail.

Alaric, Damon and Stefan figure out that Bonnie sent her magic in the bear to keep Kai from using it. Alaric is the only one who can enter the home because Stefan and Damon needed to be invited in.

Kai continues to give Bonnie another history lesson about what is going on. Bonnie tells him that she just wants to divide the world and go on separate lives. She asked to be left alone and Kai pleads for one last dinner before they go their separate ways.

Caroline is cheery and asks those in attendance but Liv seems to be the opposite.

Jo walks in with the cranberry sauce and sees Liv and Luke playing a video from their younger days. At that point Jo realizes that she is their sister and the Parker family is growing.

Alaric, Damon and Stefan find out that Kai is Jo's brother. Just then a man appears claiming to be Kai's father.

He pulls Damon into another invisible world and Stefan and Alaric are now the only two remaining.

Kai's father also attacks Damon which probably has to do with the fact that Damon is a vampire. Stefan and Alaric are both baffled as the house disappears once again along with Damon.

Caroline questions how everyone ended up at Whitmore and Jo reveals that Bonnie's grandmother helped her send Kai away. Jo fills everyone else in on Kai's power mad idea of killing Luke and Liv in order to hold the Gemini Coven's power position. Damon wakes up in the new world with Kai's father and who is now asking Damon how he was able to escape the time period he was in.

Damon tells him he will tell him everything he wants to know but he needs the ascendant first. Kai's father tells Damon about his attack and refuses to give Damon the key to Kai's prison.

Liv is upset by Caroline and leaves the table and when Tyler tries to get her to stay she says she just wants to be left alone.

Elena tries to keep the conversation around the Gemini family and it leads to Jo and Luke revealing that the weaker of the twins in their family will die once the power transfer begins.

Will Kai's father open up the prison in order for Bonnie to make it back home?

Liv returns and Tyler asks her why sh didn't tell him about her family. Liv tells him if she doesn't want to merge she doesn't have to. She tells him that the decision is just too tough. If she merges she either dies or kills Luke.

Damon and Kai's father argue over letting the portal open. Elena is on the phone with Stefan while Alaric is on the phone with Jo as they all try to sort out what is happening.

Elena asks Stefan how he was able to trust her with telling her where he was, after telling him he needs to kiss and make up with Caroline. He tells her it was because he loved her.

Jo tells Alaric that her father will try to retaliate if he knows she is there and just then she feels an attack from her father who appears to be trying to kill her.

Everyone in the room is alarmed and so is Alaric who is now worrying about Jo's safety.

Liam is in the room and confused about everything. Elena tells Alaric and Stefan that they need to find Jo's dad and instructs them on how to enter her home. Kai and Bonnie are enjoying their Thanksgiving Dinner well Kai is at least. He asks her if he wants to know how the story ends. He then tells her that his father sent him to the prison after treating him like crap.

It seems like his story is a ploy to gain Bonnies trust. Kai's father wants to take out Jo in hopes that Kai will not be able to merge. Alaric and Stefan rush in to save Damon and Kai's father makes a dash.

Elena is trying to help Jo but Liam is still getting in the way. Jo starts to show signs of fading and feeds her vampire blood.

She heals Jo right infront of Liam who is now begging Elena to tell him how she did that. She tells him she is a vampire and he looks astonished. She compels him and makes him forget everything that has happened and Liam is now out of her life. Kai finishes up his story for Bonnie which involves Jo agreeing to merge with Kai.

Jo and Kai attempted to merge however, it was not working for the two of them. Kai realizes that Jo gave up her powers and his father comes out to trap him in his prison with the ascendant.

The power of the eclipse was used to send Kai to his world.

Reliving the story made Kai realize that he could draw magic from the knife that his sister hid. He sucked the magic out of it and stabs Bonnie because he realizes that all he needs is the Bennett blood.

Jo is safe but with vampire blood in her things get a little more complicated.

Kai's father only cares about the Gemini Coven which is the main reason that Bonnie is still trapped and why he will not help Stefan and Damon.

With Kai drawing the blood from Bonnie will he now make his way to mystic falls and seek out his sister in order to merge with her and gain full power?

Damon is upset about their failed trip because Jo has had the ascendant all along. Alaric tells Stefan and Damon that they need to find a way to help Bonnie without the Ascendant but Damon compels Alaric to get the ascendant from Jo, instantly changing his mind. Tyler brings Liv a glass of water and tells her that he brought her home after she passed out.

Tyler vows to protect Liv and tells her she doesn't have to be the leader. She and Tyler are now sharing a stronger bond and now he becomes her protector.

Caroline leaves her dorm only to run into Stefan in the hall. She saved him a doggie bag with all of the Friendsgiving fixins. Stefan confesses that he pushed her away and he pushed her away the most.

He told her he didn't want to cry anymore so he had to push her away the most.

She thanks him for telling her that and the two share an awkward moment, just as he was going to say something she tells him to enjoy the leftovers and takes off.

Elena bombards Damon for not bringing her with him. She finally knows that he and Bonnie spent a lot of time together on the other side. Damon continues to talk to her about their days together and she tells him that she was happy that they had each other.

With Liam out of the picture it looks like Damon is taking the chance to get back into Elena's good graces.

He asks her what went wrong and she says, "what do you think?" She tells him she could live her life the way she should or risk all of it for a tiny feeling inside of her that she can't shake.

Damon asks her what's it going to be and she replies I don't know and asks him to help her bring Bonnie back so she can ask for her advice.

Bonnie is suffering from a wound but she receives a page from Kai which says I lied. She looks around and there is no car or Kai in sight!

This week it looks like Stefan is one step closer to Caroline after their exchange. Damon and Elena are now going to team up to help bring Bonnie back which should bring everyone else together.

Tyler is Liv's sworn protector and Alaric is now compelled to get the ascendant from Jo. Will she give it to him willingly or will it cost him his relationship with her?

Friendsgiving may have been the most awkward situation in "The Vampire Diaries" other than last weeks meeting between Liam and Damon. The story of the Gemini Coven heats up and it looks like Kai and Bonnie have a lot more going on as they battle each other on the other side.

Fans can find out what happens when "The Vampire Diaries," returns on December 4, Thursday at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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