The Vampire Diaries 'Do You Remember The First Time' Recap, S6 EP7, Damon Meets Liam

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The present man in Elena's life Liam meets the ex Damon filling season six of the "The Vampire Diaries" with tension.

This week in "The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get," the seventh episode of "The Vampire Diaries," Elena has to face her past.

Things get a little crazy when Elena and Liam attend an event that Damon attends to do a little spying. Jo shares with Alaric the tragedy that occurred in her life bringing the two much more closer, now that he is a human.

In what is one of the most unorthodox teams, Matt, Stefan and Enzo have to get pretty extreme in order to extract some information from Tripp.

As for the love stories, things are getting pretty tense between Elena and Damon (Delena) and Stefan and Caroline (Steroline).

The action kicks off where it left off last week. Elena and Damon are face to face and he begins begging her to tell him that her memories are coming back. She says she doesn't know what to say, however, she is clearly overwhelmed by him.

She tells him that she only remembers the terrible things he did to the people she loved.

She says she knows that she loved him and forgave him but she doesn't remember any of it and doesn't feel for him anymore. Damon is visibly upset and Elena apologizes one last time before closing the door on him.

Alaric is in the hospital and Damon is by his side rehashing all of the bad things he did to Elena. Alaric is so fed up that he says if he could take the action back he could.

The two buds are going back and forth just like the old days and Damon keeps playing around with his medical instruments.

Jo walks in and Damon asks him to repeat the spell to give Alaric his vampirism back, however, she tells him she can't. Meanwhile, Alaric is being released.

Tripp is in his own holding cell as Matt, Enzo and Stefan interrogate him on everything that is going on. Enzo threatens to do the extreme however, Matt and Stefan are trying to find a better way of going about things.

They begin to torture him to get information out of him and Stefan tells them to continue until they know everything.

Elena and Caroline talk about their current love issues and Caroline says Liam could be good for her all while mentioning that she gave Stefan the boot.

Does this mean the end of Steroline? Liam confronts Elena about the woman she saved who seems to be clueless about the accident and then tells her that she is going to be his date following it up with a kiss.

In better news Bonnie is Alive! She and the psychopath Kai are alive again and trapped on the same date once again. He threatens her but she attacks him takes the pieces of the ascendant and gets away.

Stefan knocks on Caroline's room door and she tells him he just can't show up unannounced.

Caroline is very harsh about her feelings towards Stefan.

She even refers to him as gum at the bottom of her shoe, that is, until her mother calls and tells her she is being threatened if Caroline doesn't tell Tripp's men where he is.

Stefan and Caroline race to save her mom while she scolds him and tries to reach Enzo before he kills Tripp. The three are all informed that Tripp always had a safety incase anything happened to him and now they have to wait until Stefan and Caroline give them the go ahead.

Caroline is speaking to Stefan as she once did with someone familiar, that's right, Klaus, back when Klaroline was a thing.

Alaric, Jo and Damon attend the banquet, Damon invited himself of course to spy on Elena as Alaric made sure to point out as they entered the banquet. Just then Elena and Liam walk in looking happier than ever and Damon is given the full rundown on who he is by Jo.

Damon confronts Liam at the banquet right after seeing him and Elena share a kiss, which she apologized for saying she didn't know he would be there.

He compels him to go get them some drinks while he whisks her away for a dance.

Caroline walks in on Enzo and Tripp and she is alarmed at Tripp's condition.

Caroline gives Stefan and Enzo a piece of her mind and Enzo lets the cat out of the bag that Caroline has feelings for Stefan.

Caroline says she doesn't want to discuss what Enzo just said in one huge awkward moment.

Damon tries to woo Elena back by trying to stirrup memories. They dance as he tells her a story of what happened. Elena says that she came with someone and he can't just come in and change things.

Damon gently scolds her for erasing her memories but it looks like he may have struck a nerve and Elena leaves to get some air.

Meanwhile, Alaric and Jo are having a pretty good time together and she tells him she relinquished her magic. She speaks about a tragically dysfunctional family, wait could she be related to Kai?

Luke is telling Liv that the coven is calling for them but she ignores it. Bonnie is struggling to fix the ascendant but she has some trouble finding the last piece. She is able to locate it however, it is in the possession of Kai and he's not happy about it at all.

She tries to use her magic to harm him and get away but she is still suffering from her wound. She hops in Damon's car but is confronted once again by Kai who continues to threaten her.

He tells her they have an hour and it's time to go home.

Elena steals a shot of Damon and tells him that she wants to remember because it's driving her crazy. She tells him that maybe if they unwind the memories backwards it might trigger something and she might remember. She asks him to take her to the last place that she told him she loved him.

Kai and Bonnie are getting ready to go home and he tries to make himself seem better than he really is. He tells her that he wants his family back not to harm them as he told her before.

He tells her she was a positive influence on her and that he wants to be more like her. She still has her reserves and tells him she just wants to go home.

Stefan arrives at the meeting point and there is a stand-off between everyone.

They want Tripp to be let go first and they do, however, when Tripp makes his way across he suffers from a wound and it looks like Enzo turned Tripp before they could get there.

At this point there is a lot more to Kai than his original appearance would lead fans to believe. What could he possibly be up to and will he and Bonnie finally make it back home?

Bonnie and Kai begin their trip back home and she begins the process but it isn't working. Kai orders her to keep going even after she tells him she lost her magic.

She then tells him that she put her magic somewhere safe.

She plays a mind game of her own and he begins to try to look for the bear which is now gone. She tells him they are stuck there forever.

Damon brings Elena to the spot but she doesn't remember a thing. She tells him a story that didn't really happen, well a part of it was missing. He told her that she jumped in the car to help save everyone alongside him.

She continues to ask for more insight and he fills in some gaps in all of the last events they had with each other.

In a touching moment Damon is able to describe everything that happened and as he took her hand he looked into her eyes and she tells him that it isn't working and she is sorry.

She says that she understands they were in love but when she looks into his eyes now she feels like she is looking at a stranger.

She tells him she will never be able to give him what he wants but he is relentless and she ventures into the other side which gives her a flashback of memories.

She was trying to undo the compulsion but he saves her and tells her it's the last thing he would want her to do for him.

Caroline takes her mom to he hospital and tells her that it's necessary. She then tells Stefan that he could leave but he has a moment to ask her mom for help and she declines. They stand outside the door waiting for and Stefan asks her why she has a thing for him. She tells him that she doesn't and he asks why she did.

He is very demanding and wants to realize how he missed it. She tells him it's because he was always there for her and she trusted him.

He apologizes for not seeing and tells her that his head was all over the place and he tells her he was incredibly sorry for the way he treated her.

She tells him that she doesn't hate him for mourning her brother and she accepts his apology, but she still hates him. She says that if she doesn't hate him she would have to hate herself for ruining it.

Elena tells Damon that she remembered bits and pieces while on the other side. Damon tells her that he feels bad because she lost the life that she wanted to have but since he was gone she is happy and better off without him.

Is Damon letting this all go? He tells her to live her life and be happy and that he loves her enough to let her go.

She still pushes for the answer as to what happened when it started to rain. He lies to her and walks away leaving her standing with a puzzled look on her face.

Jo and Alaric reach her place and it looks like she is hiding something else, a big scar. She says she lost her spleen! Her brother tried to gut her with a knife, sound familiar? The previous guess was right but in the meantime, the two are finally able to get together.

Liam confronts Elena and shows her some files about the injury which spontaneous heals itself. He calls he a liar with secrets and gives her an ultimatum, either tell him the truth or he will dig.

Damon is alone looking above and reliving what really happened as it started to rain. He remembers them standing and kissing in the rain.

She made him promise that it was forever but after this episode is it? He makes his way to the site and sees Bonnie's bear. He realizes she is still alive.

The Stefan and Caroline love story keeps taking a backseat and it looks like it is far from reach for "The Vampire Diaries" fans. Elena and Damon are still facing a forgotten love on one end which is yet another painful but gripping twist in the plot.

Fans can find out on next weeks all new episode of "The Vampire Diaries," Thursday at 8 p.m. on The CW.