The Vampire Diaries 'Black Hole Sun' Recap, S6 EP4, Damon Makes His Way Back

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As Stefan makes his solidified his return to Mystic Falls last week on "The Vampire Diaries," this week in "Black Hole Sun," the fourth episode of "The Vampire Diaries," he manages to right some wrongs as Damon tries to make his way back.

This week Damon must face one of the worst days he's ever had all over again in order to find his way back home. Jeremy is finding it tough to cope with his loss which is made worst when he realizes that he has put the group in danger with Sarah, but Alaric comes in to help him just as he did with Elena.

Stefan is back home and now he has to deal with an Elena who doesn't remember the love her life Damon.

This week the newest vampire hunter Tripp lets Matt in on a very dark secret involving his practice. How will Caroline cope with Stefan's presence back in Mystic Falls?

The twists in "The Vampire Diaries" continues this week as the episode begins with, Kai going on and on about his life much to the dismay of Damon who just wants to get out just as Bonnie walks in with some items that he ask her to pick up.

Kai is being quite the protagonist and is asking Damon to relive something that he says is the worst thing that he has ever done.

The flashback begins in the real May 10, 1994 as Damon visits Stefan after years of tearing up New York City and before Stefan lets him in he asks him what he is doing there.

That is when he is greeted by another Salvatore, Zack.

Stefan and Elena have a chat about Sarah and when he tries to cut her off to go back to his new home, she stops him by zipping on in and talking him down. Elena tells him that there is no way that he is fine and he says that she shouldn't worry about him.

She asks him to prove it to her and if he can convince her that he is over what happened to Damon, then she will let him go.

Matt, Jeremy and Alaric are busy plotting on how to figure out how to figure out what Tripp and Sarah are doing in town. Alaric and the doctor seem quite comfy and she agrees to help Jeremy with his hangover after last weeks disaster.

Meanwhile, Matt visits Tripp and overhears him talking to Jay's mom about his death.

When Tripp asks Matt about it he says he doesn't know and that Jay insisted on walking home.

Just as Tripp is about to leave to give the sheriff his statement, Matt asks if he could tag along with information that could help.

Bonnie makes Damon relive the reason he came back home to walk the straight and narrow and he begins his story with Stefan trying to give him animal blood to help him become a better person.

Damon becomes increasingly angry with Kai who insists on torturing Damon with questions, however, Kai does give Damon and Bonnie some information after Damon threatens him claiming that Kai doesn't really know anything.

After Bonnie hears what Kai has to say about using the eclipse to help them get back home she now realizes that they have a shot.

Elena and Stefan begin their conversation about how he manages to move on. He takes her back to the town he started over in and shows her how he lived.

A dead end job and burning bridges seemed to be the way that Stefan moved on and now Elena is calling him out on it.

This seems like quite the blast from the past. It's been quite some time since fans saw Stefan and Elena as if they it was the first time their met.

Meanwhile, Alaric is still managing to screw up his chances with the doctor. Stefan shows Elena how he moved on by asking her to marry him. The two put on a show for the whole bar by staging a mock proposal and that is how you move on.

Bonnie is struggling with the spell and now Kai is becoming the motivation for Bonnie while Damon becomes erratical pretty slowly. Damon flashes back again to the day he returned to Mystic Falls and had the worst day ever.

In the flashback, Stefan snaps his neck when he decides to feed on Zack and another friends of his.

Bonnie's magic is working as her magic leads her to the ascendant, which happens to be another key for the three to get back home.

At this point Damon's flashbacks are getting progressively darker and it looks like there will be a very big secret revealed.

Thus far the show has been quite the puzzle and it's missing a main character, Caroline.

What does this newly found bond between Stefan and Elena do for Stefan and Caroline's relationship? Will fans ever get to see Stefan and Caroline together? How will Elena deal with Damon when he returns?

In the flashback Stefan greets Damon as he awakes from having his neck snapped. Stefan asks him why he returned to Mystic Falls and Damon says it's because he missed his brother. Stefan tells him that he will give him his daylight ring back when he tells him the truth.

Stefan relives a few times that he has been tortured by Damon. Stefan says that Damon was the one who alays destroyed his happiness and when he believed in Damon all he did was disappoint him.

Stefan and Elena are having dinner at the bar and they are continuing to relive everything that was going on.

He tells her that the reason he came back to Mystic Falls in the beginning of "The Vampire Diaries," was her.

He continues to be surprised of her ability to not care one bit about Damon which shows he still has reserves about why she's acting the way she is.

Kai, Bonnie and Damon take a nature walk and learn that Kai has quite the dark past. He murdered his entire family, who was a family of witches.

They learn that they aren't in Damon's hell, but hey are in a hell designed for Kai by the Gemini coven.

Now he is yet another twist for fans to suffer through. Kai is obviously in his hell for a reason, but why are Bonnie and Damon trapped in it?

Alaric and Jeremy have a sparring session and Jeremy finds out how to deal with resentment.

Alaric teaches him that you must always find a way to keep going and it manages to bring them closer together once everything has been put out.

Elena gets ready to take off and ends up leaving Stefan in his happy place. However, there is a stranger in the bar who claims to be the brother of someone Stefan put in the hospital.

Stefan takes a pretty insane beating but Elena comes in to save the day. It looks like Stefan was taking the pain to deal with the pain of losing Damon.

Bonnie finally gets the truth out of Damon. In the flashback, Stefan and Zack walked in on Damon going through a rampage and Damon demands his ring.

Damon also told him that he would never get rid of him because Stefan owed him. Damon then proceeded to kill Zack's love interest and vanishes from the gruesome scene.

Bonnie realizes that damon killed a woman who was pregnant with a baby.

She also learned that Damon was the one who killed Zack. The three miss the eclipse and Bonnie seems to be taken back by the information she learned about Damon.

Tripp tells Matt that the reason he left Mystic Falls was because of a death in his family. Matt tells Tripp that Jay told him he was tracking a vampire before he died and Tripp says he needs to show him something. Elena lectures Stefan about getting his butt kicked to deal with the pain.

She tries to convince him that Damon doesn't deserve to forget him.

When he couldn't take it anymore, Stefan unleashes the fact that Elena asked Alaric to compel her to forget Damon.

He scolded her for forgetting Damon, Stefan says that despite everything his brother did he still loved him because he couldn't live without him and left Elena with a dumbfounded look on her face.

Tripp brings Matt out in to his woods. He tells Matt that the place is a secret and he is only sharing it with Matt because he trusts him. Tripp said that when he crossed the town border, memories came flooding back and he realized that his wife was murdered.

She was drained of the blood and the killer made him believe he was the killer. Enzo is still alive and Tripp is keeping him hostage. Tripp vowed that he would use Enzo to get all the names of vampires.

Sarah shows up with a gun pointed to Jeremy and reveals that she is the daughter of the woman that was killed by Damon. Sarah is alive and her father is Zack Salvatore. Elena approaches Alaric about eliminating her emotions of Damon and he gives her the journal that was kept where all of the moments of her and Damon are kept.

She reads the journal and the recollection begins to come back again. Alaric asks her what she wants him to do and she asks him to hold on to the journal in case she ever needed to read it again.

Bonnie tells Damon that he punishes himself by making pancakes everyday because the woman he killed love it. She tells him that he feels remorse and just when Damon tries to convince Bonnie to leave Kai behind.

Kai reveals that he can consume magic. He displays it by grabbing Bonnie and giving them an ultimatum. Either they all go home, or he kills Bonnie and no one goes home.

Back at the garage Stefan is being stalked by someone, he turns around and sees Ivy, who has now turned into a Vampire! This was one of the most emotionally gripping and twisting episodes of VD yet. There is no telling what will happen or if Damon and Bonnie will make it back with Kai as a threat.

With Sarah showing Jeremy who her mom was brings even more twists than imaginable. Where will Zack Salvatore's daughter fit in, and how will she deal with the fact that she is related to her mother and father's killer?

Bonnie and Damon's fight to get back home becomes one of the most interesting plots in the entire show. Damon is making his way back, but in order for him to do so, he had to come to terms with some horrible things that he has done. In this episode he dealt with making the way back in terms of regaining his humanity, however, his humanity lives when he is with Elena.

So how exactly will he continue to make his way back? With Stefan and Elena reliving a few memories and Damon reliving one of the worst things that he has ever done it his life, this series has gotten intense by each episode. Fans can find out on next weeks all new episode of "The Vampire Diaries," Thursday at 8 p.m.

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