'This Is Us' Star Mandy Moore's Pet Psychic Story Is Awesome

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If you're having cat problems, ou might want to give Mandy Moore a call, or at least reach out to her via social media.

The This Is Us star visited The Ellen Show and shared her "pet psychic experience" as the show is referring to it as.

During her chat with Ellen DeGeneres, Moore explained that she had just moved and her cat was constantly crying. She gave him different food, changed his eating times and even opened every door.

She tried multiple ways to try and calm her cat but nothing seemed to work. Her last resort was to call a pet psychic, who told her that her cat hated his name and wanted to be called Fig.

The pet psychic also told Moore that her cat loved the acoustics in the new place and was crying all of the time because he loved to hear himself. Moore called her cat Fig and the crying stopped almost immediately.

Meanwhile, Moore talked about how emotional her show was and how emotional she and the rest of the cast gets even during their table reads.

DeGeneres congratulated Moore on the success of the show that has, in her words, "lived up to the hype."

You can check out Mandy Moore's interview from The Ellen Show in the video below.

This Is Us Star Mandy Moore's Pet Psychic Story Is Awesome