'Undercover Boss' Recap 'Armando Montelongo'

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The highly successful real estate mogul featured on tonight's episode of "Undercover Boss" is Armando Montelongo Jr.

His company, Armando Montelongo Companies, was subject to the undercover treatment. He isn't a stranger to TV but this was a whole new experience for Armando and he was enjoying every minute of it.

A rags to riches story that was living on food stamps he fits perfectly into the American dream role.

Armando is best known for his role on the popular show "Flip this House" on A&E. He and his company flips over 400 houses a year and the business is growing. Part of the reason he gave as to why he went undercover was the fact that his company is set to grow in revenue and wants to get insight as to why.

Armando doesn't sit around either and watch the money come in. He gives about 100 seminars annually. He wants people to continue to try flip houses and clearly isn't afraid to share his money making secrets.

Due to the fact his name is the company a lot of deception went into the covering up. He needed a body double in some of the segments in order to stay hidden. His name wasn't the only thing recognizable to his employees.

Armando took on the role of Kevin Jones. He donned a pair of glasses and threw on a wig to complete the transition.

Armando after transformation

Since he owns a start up he practically owns 100% of the company. Armando himself is worth about 50 million dollars and the company right in the ballpark with 80 million dollar value.

Armando gave his favorite quote, "If I died I'd want to be reincarnated as myself." Not scared to hide his confidence and he even admitted he deserves to be in the same breathe as Steve Jobs or John D. Rockefeller.

Armando took to one of his famous seminars during one part of the show. But for the first time ever he was in the audience as a student.

He used a body double to trick his audience into thinking he was on stage acting like a rock star as per usual. Meanwhile he sat back and took it all in from afar.

Up next Armando went to an event in which he connected with a employee of his that helps students become confident in their pursuit of flipping homes. The goal of his company is to empower normal citizens to flip homes.

But as the employee he met pointed out it can be hard at times when even she isn't getting paid.

The final stop for Armando was a call center that his company runs. In which new possible house flippers are contacted. But strangely enough the call center went down with a technical issue.

Nobody was doing anything and Armando broke down and came out of character. The employee he met with explained that the call centers don't get enough attention.

Ultimately he found yet another small issue with his company. He admitted it was an "Armando Problem."

When he met with all the employees he had a chance to meet it was time to give back. For the event planner Armando agreed to give her a promotion and raise. Not to mention he offered to pay for her parents living expenses along with 12,000 dollars.

As for the call center employee Armando was able to fix the computer system. Along with a 20% raise that was happily accepted and then Armando erased her 5,000 dollar debt and then gave her another 20,000 to boot.

Truly not a dry eye from all the employees that the powerful CEO got to meet.

Undercover Boss airs 8 p.m. on ABC every Friday.

Certainly this episode was a great example of how experienced the shows creators have gotten with hiding their CEO's in broad daylight.

So far this season companies include, 'True Value,' 'Bikinis Sports Bar & Grill,' 'Maaco,' and 'Phenix Salon Inc.'