Ask E.L. James Turns Into Twitter Slam

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The "Fifty Shades of Grey" books, while very popular, have also drawn a reg flag for many readers. The books romanticize unhealthy relationships, mostly in the form of lead male , Christian Grey.

E.L. James, decided to do a Twitter Q&A but it's not going as planned.

On Monday, James started the hashtag #askELJames in order to answer any questions fans may have about the books, her writing process, or other things.

It quickly turned on her when people started asking the author about the darker themes of the book, mainly the romanticism of domestic abuse and blatant homophobia.

Mara Wilson, who has been calling James out from the beginning, reminds the people tweeting to only show their displeasure to James and not to shame the fans that might actually like her books.

James didn't answer any of the negative questions. Instead, she focused on tweets that praised the book or asked less serious questions about her characters.

Apparently, She sees Ana as a strong character for sticking with abuse. James is working on other romance novels outside of Shades.

James recently released a book from Grey's point of view. The reviews for the book centered around the possibility that Grey may be a psychopath.