TV Review: Penny Dreadful, Demimonde Recap

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Sir Malcolm's search for his daughter Mina continues as episode four of Penny Dreadful continues its dark and twisted tale.

Penny Dreadful combines dark fantasies and some of the earliest literary and folk creatures of the night in an attempt to create a fresh take in an eery early London setting.

After capturing a vampire in episode three, Sir Malcolm played by Timothy Dalton along with his enlisted team continue to study their captive a delusional and sinister vampire who continuously taunts them with riddles.

The vampire continuously speaks of his master of whom viewers can only guess must be the one and only Dracula.

The Creature played by Rory Kinnear, continues to pressure his master Dr. Frankenstein played by Harry Treadaway, to find create a suitable mate for him. The Creature sought out Dr.

Frankenstein after years of being abandoned by him seeking revenge and threatening his creator.

The Creature is also shown in his workplace behind the scenes of the theatre in which he is infatuated with the beauty of one of the young actresses.

All the while, Ms. Vanessa Ives played by the incredibly talented Eva Green begins a strange and mysterious relationship with no other than Dorian Grey played by Reeve Carney.

Viewers familiar with Grey's background know that he is a man who does not age after selling his soul in Oscar Wilde's novel.

The relationship between Grey and Ives becomes rocky as viewers will find the final scene of the show to be extremely shocking.

It is going to be quite the task for viewers to keep up with all of the twists and turns as well as the numerous story-lines within this one show.

Thus far the show has shown promise and is scaring, shocking and entertaining!