TV Review: 'Catfish' Returns with Season 3 Epsiode 1 Cassandra Recap

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The third season of the MTV show Catfish premiered with a bang.

Nev and Max discover a pretty terrifying story of a Catfish who bullies and ruins other peoples lives just because she can. She hones in on a group of friends and breaks apart their relationships one by one.

Even going so far as to access their personal accounts and post semi-nude photos of people.

Through some pretty basic internet searches, Nev finds that an online profile of 'Zoe' is not actually who they say they are (shocker).

He traces this profile to a girl who lives in the biggest house on the block and who freely admits that she ruined these people just because she could.

Most of the time, Nev tries to find compassion in the catfish, but in this case, we don't think Cassandra deserves any. Just because you were bullied in school does not give you the right to go out and do it to others.

She liked the power of ruining peoples friendships and by sharing semi-nude private pictures of someone she didn't even though, she potentially ruined someone long term.

This is one of those situations where the catfish deserved to be put on national television and called out for doing something terrible. Occasionally it seems ok to feel bad for the catfish who hid their personal appearance because they were scared the other would not like them.

But in this case, Nev framed it perfectly by describing her as a 'catfish terrorist'. This episode was a great one, glad that Catfish is back!