TV Review: 16 and Pregnant, Jazmin Recap

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MTV's hit show 16 and Pregnant continues their profiles with Jazmin a young, expecting mother from the mid-west who is finding it hard to gain her parents trust after getting pregnant just three months after meeting her boyfriend Dell.

Jazmin's parents are treating their daughters pregnancy very seriously and have not been very trusting when it comes to her being in the same room with Dell.

They also refused to let her and Dell get their own place and expect that the two will live under their roof and follow their rules.

Brad, Jazmin's stepdad is very concerned about the two new parents no underage alone Jazmin's boyfriend wants to be able to see his daughter one on one and spend time with her so that he does not miss her first step or first words.

Like many episodes of its kind episode eight was fully equipped with a baby shower full of supportive family members and friends who seem much more excited about the baby than Jazmin and her boyfriend.

It also contained the painful scene of childbirth which to some viewers they could possibly do without.

Jazmin receives a few pointers from her mother about changing Laila's diapers and giving her a bath in a very touching scene of Laila's first time being home.

However, in the back of her mind, Jazmin really wants Dell to spend time with their daughter and help out so that she is at least able to get her school work done.

Her parents come to a decision to stick with their first instinct to keep Dell away when there is no adult supervision and Jazmin finds it very hard to take care of her daughter without Dell's presence. Dell is still very unhappy with the decision but remains calm though he is fully against being away from his daughter.

Yet Jazmin is trying to build back her mother's trust and develop the best friend relationship they had prior to her pregnancy.

Clearly the decision is causing a rift between Jazmin and Dell's relationship and her parents don't see the negative affect their rules have on the relationship of a young couple with a new born baby.

Towards the end of the episode the teens realize that they should have thought about their actions a lot more but the teens who are finding it very hard to balance their time are still trying to find a way to work around the current situation that they are in.

The overall tone of this episode was unlike many previous profiles in regards to both sides remaining calm and reserved despite their differences. It was a clear model of parents taking charge of their daughters pregnancy as they stated many times that they are "leaving it up to God" to decide what happens in Laila's future.

Will it be for the best? Only time will tell stay tuned to 16 and Pregnant to see how little Laila's parents deal with their separation.