TV Recap: Amazing Race All-Stars Hei Ho Hei Ho - The Brenchels

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Ugh... The Brenchels. The producers of Amazing Race clearly know what they're doing by inviting back Brendon and Rachel. The disdain that America feels for the team dubbed 'The Brenchels' is boundless.

Amongst the lovable teams (notably Dave & Connor), there is alway that one team that makes you cringe.

In this episode, the 4 remaining teams traveled to London and in the very start, Dave and Connor got lost. The first team to arrive to the challenge was the Afghanimals, where the goal was to make 2 penalty shots each on a goalie. A task that didn't look too difficult.

In fact all the teams completed it with relative ease. After that, the teams made their way to a large aquaduct in order to memorize a Welsh poem... which looked VERY difficult.

This leg of the race also featured the Country singers, who beyond their gorgeous facade, seem to thrive in the thinking challenges. Annoyingly, the Brenchels completed the task in first, while the country singers were in second.

Then the Afghanimals and Dave and Connor.

They all then traveled to a castle were most of the teams got lost, most notably the Afghanimals, who arrived when only one team was left. Amazingly, Dave and Connor came in 1st and took home another prize.

The country singers were a close 2nd.

Hilariously, the Brenchels ended up choosing the wrong shoe size in their 'show throwing' event so it forced them to complete the task again. And with it, tears from Rachel. It is a bit sad how she is so self-loathing and then so cocky at the same time.

She may be the last person in the world I ever want to have a drink with. Regardless, they ended up beating out the Afghanimals and coming in 3rd. Thus the final 3 was set.

I know I won't be the only one rooting for the Brenchels to come in third. In fact, I'm still hoping the Twinies some how come back and win.