Touching Video of Santa Claus Using Sign Language to Talk to A Little Girl

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The Christmas spirit is represented all throughout this incredible video of a Santa Claus working at Cleveland Centre in Middlesbrough, England using sign language to communicate with a little girl.

Get the tissues ready for this one.

A three-year-old girl was quite excited to see Santa Claus at the Cleveland Centre and when he found out that she couldn't hear, Santa whipped up some Christmas magic and began using sign language to communicate with the little one.

"Mali Phoenix Williams-Cody, aged 3, has visited the Cleveland Centre's special event days several times," according to the caption of the video.

"She came with her mum on Saturday to meet Santa.

Mali is not deaf, she struggles to communicate with speech and language. She has been attending a special school to help with her communication and this is were she learned sign language."

The reaction on the face of little Mali when she saw Santa communicating with her was absolutely heartwarming. The story had been previously reported by the Daily Mail UK and is slowly making itself viral.

Check out the adorable video below.