TLC 'Little Miss Atlanta' Review: So Crazy It's Depressing...Or So Depressing It's Crazy

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Tonight was the series premiere of TLC's Little Miss Atlanta.

Billed as a bigger, more exciting Toddlers and Tiaras, the show looks at The Little Miss Black US Pageant and what people will do to win. But is it worth your DVR space?

The series is centered around two women, Jasmine Crowe and Kim Anderson, founders of the Little Miss Black US Pageant.

It closely follows Toddlers and Tiaras in style. Except instead of spacing the insanity out, Little Miss Atlanta manages to cram an entire show's worth of crazy into each 7 minute segment.

Unlike Toddlers and Tiaras, the young girls seem generally reasonable -- there are no super divas here (though they all claim to be divas). They're pretty articulate, too. Then, however, there are the moms.

Between vignettes where the girls try to convince their moms to stay calm, and claws-out mommy fight scenes, we hear cringeworthy dialog like this (between one contestant, Kelsey, and her mom):

Mom: "You haven't won any pageants as of yet, and I want to know what are you gonna to do to win?"
Kelsey: "Try harder, and wear this dress"
Mom: "You say you're doing everything right...I don't understand why you're not winning"
Kelsey: "But I just know I'm gonna win this time"
Mom: "You should be winning...that's not good enough...okay?"

After hearing that, we weren't sure whether to be horrified, or just depressed.

But that's not all: one of the moms apparently steals from her daughter's piggybank to get money for pageant supplies. Another spends most of the first episode screaming incomprehensible threats. And this is before any of the actual pageants start.

During the pageant, as the winners are being announced, one of the moms picks her daughter up while she's on the stage because she came in third (instead of first).

While she's yelling obscenities at the other moms and threatening to physically attack the other girls, we watch with sadness as her daughter stands quietly looking at her trophy.

What is it about Atlanta? Real Housewives of Atlanta outdid with more drama and more trainwrecks, And now, Little Miss Atlanta blows the original out of the water with its level of drama.

Whatever it is, fans of Toddlers and Tiaras will love Little Miss Atlanta.

Check out the preview here: