'Teen Wolf's' Tyler Posey Takes Over MTV's Snapchat

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The star of MTV's "Teen Wolf,"Tyler Posey, has taken over MTV's snapchat in order to promote the premiere of the show's fifth season.

While Scott McCall may be the lovable goof-ball and leader of the wolf pack on "Teen Wolf," Posey is reminding fans of his good sense of humor through the MTV snapchat story.

The story starts with Posey still in bed telling the camera that he's going to be posting videos all day.

So far, there are different ten second clips of Posey getting ready for the day, opening his mini-bar to pull out a beer, and writing "Teen Wolf" in the condensation of his beer glass at a pub.

"Teen Wolf" is getting ready for its most goriest and darkest season yet.

Posey has teased that he likes the darker turn for McCall in the season as he's "completely broken down." Viewers will see McCall, happy and enjoying his time with girlfriend, Kira and best friend, Stiles but that will soon turn around for him.

"Scott gets put in a really bad place that we haven't seen, if ever, in a while."

Posey is also excited for fellow star Holland Roden, who plays Lydia Martin. "This season doesn't revolve around Lydia, but she's a huge part of it.

And she holds it together.

So it's Holland's real debut as a badass, and she's super badass." For anyone with snapchat, just friend the username MTV and the videos will pop up in "Stories." Teen Wolf premieres, Monday June 29th at 10.

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