'Teen Wolf's' Tyler Posey Continues To Encourage Positive Vibes

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Over the past couple of months Tyler Posey has been dealing with the loss of his mother Cyndi Garcia-Posey in one of the most inspirational ways, by encouraging others to enjoy life and he doesn't look to be stopping any time soon.

Posey has been in the news this year for lobbying to be the next member of Blink-182, the upcoming season five of the hit MTV show "Teen Wolf" and a slew of inspirational moments towards others.

The tweet above shows that posey looks to be coping well months later and is using his celebrity status to promote the enjoyment of life.

He is inspiring his generation of fans to go out and have some fun while maintaining his fun and positive persona. Fans have even begun to quote some of the positive outbursts on Twitter. Just recently Posey retweeted one of those fans who quoted Posey with, "anything is possible, you can f**king do anything." The "Teen Wolf" star continues to shine in his role of Scott McCall season after season and is becoming a force to reckon with.

Scott has also amassed a dedicated team and his pack manages to overcome the toughest situations they face. So, in a sense he continues that notion in real life with overcoming everything that comes his way and staying positive.

Fans can catch Posey in action once "Teen Wolf" returns this summer.