'Teen Wolf' Season 5 Best Romance? Scott & Kira, Layden, Parrish & Lydia or Stiles & Malia

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The hit MTV show "Teen Wolf" started off with a bang and continued to ride a crazy train into one of the most mind-bending seasons yet.

As the mid-season finale approaches next week, we want to know who the fans think deserves the best romance for season five.

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Last season Scott (Tyler Posey) and Kira (Arden Cho) became one heck of a power couple they have been through so much this season that it almost looks like their relationship might now make it. Scott and Kira started season five with blissful and innocent love, however, when the Kitsune began to take over and the Dread Doctors entered the lives of the pack, their love was put on a bit of a back burner.

Unlike Allison (Crystal Reed), Kira knows what it's like to be a supernatural being and have strange things happen to her.

She is someone that Scott can relate to and also possesses the fighting badass personality that Allison did. "Teen Wolf" purists might prefer Scott and Allison but Kira is making a strong case as Scott's love interest.

Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) and Hayden (Victoria Moroles) might have the most innocent love story going on in "Teen Wolf." They are both new to the supernatural scheme of things with Hayden being an especially new addition. They have the traditional hate turned to love story which is so appealing with fans that they've already been shipped as "Layden." Liam has done nothing but try to help Hayden even before it was revealed that she was another one of the Dread Doctors chimera experiments.

Together the two braved captivity and managed heat things up in episode eight "Ouroboros," where Liam took her pain away by kissing her.

Their young story will continue as Hayden is still alive even after being injected by something from the Dread Doctors. Will they be able to survive in the season finale of "Teen Wolf" ?

We might be jumping the gun a little with the Lydia (Holland Roden) and Parrish (Ryan Kelley) relationship as they haven't actually been romantically involved in season five. Instead fans have been teased by the writers of "Teen Wolf," by having the two hook up as a fake vision by Parrish.

Despite Lydia still being in High School and Parrish being a deputy on Sheriff Stilinski's force you can still tell that there is tension between the two.

The writers might be waiting until Lydia's in college before exploring the romance but for the sake of it being teased in season five, we think fans might like where their relationship is headed.

This last one is a bit hard to pick as a winner for season five. In season four, Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) and Malia (Shelley Hennig) became and incredible duo who helped each other cope with the damage that Kate Argent and her berserkers were doing. Malia believed that she was responsible for the death of her mother and sister and Stiles helped her manage her feelings as well as taught her how to blend in with the real world.

Even when Stiles was researching the Benefactor and was going a little insane, Malia managed to help him through it. Now, in season five it's almost the two have never met before and they barely even interact with each other.

Stiles has been facing an internal moral battle on his own and Malia is trying to come to terms with losing so many to the Dread Doctors and her mother being revealed as the Desert Wolf.

For a moment it also seemed as if Theo (Cody Christian) would be moving in on Stiles' girl but Malia may have brushed him to the side to concentrate on saving the remaining experiments as well as her friends.

So, who do you, the fans think deserves the title for best romance of "Teen Wolf" season five?