Teen Wolf 'A Promise to the Dead' Recap, Season 4 Episode 11, Scott's Battle Rages On

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In "A Promise to the Dead,"the eleventh episode of an action packed season four of Teen Wolf, Scott goes into a battle that is reminiscent of one from days seasons past.

Just when the pack thinks that everything is ok this episode gets very problematic very fast. It begins as a man drags a body bag into what appears to be a meat locker. He puts his ears to the bag and clearly the person inside is still alive. The man appears to be deranged and is about kill and eat the victim but Dr. Deaton shows up and fights the man off.

The man is taken to Eichen House with other creatures. In return Dr. Deaton speaks to one of the patients who seem to know everything like Maloba the bone woman.

The man insists that Dr. Deaton wants to know about Kate and asks him to come closer to see what he knows. The man has a hole in the middle of his head which reveals a third eye.

Scott comes home after picking up extra hours at work to help his mom, who has discovered the bag of money under his bed. Scott tells his mom that he didn't give the money back because of her and the problems they have been having financially. She tells Scott that he can save peoples lives but he can't save them from life.

Meanwhile Liam appears to be suffering from some kind of loneliness and all of his senses are heightened.

He seems to be finding it harder to adapt and before viewers know it there is a berserker in his room but Liam is hallucinating.

Derek is also finding it hard to sleep and then there is an alarm that goes off waking both him and Braeden. They grab their weapons and survey the loft as they open the door they find a drenched Lydia who then lets out a banshee scream.

Malia wakes Stiles up in the morning because he has to drive her to take her exam.

She then finds a very creative way to wake him up and the two seem to be in a better place than they've ever been.

Scott returns the money to Derek and they discuss why he didn't return it. The money wasn't Derek's in the first place and Scott says that Dr. Deaton is trying to find out what happened to Derek to bring him back to himself.

Dr. Deaton appears to be in some sort of coma and the doctor is examining him. Deaton is off in a dreamland and sees bones surrounding him in a cave.

The pack is in the classroom and Kira tells everyone that it's over but Lydia doesn't share the same sentiment. Liam is in the weight room and he is ramping up his working out showing intensity.

The workout becomes too intense and he needs a spot from Scott who tells him he shouldn't push his friends away. Liam is still being haunted by the memories of the berserker.

Mr. Argent has located Kate's hideout but Peter and a Berserker find him snooping around and it looks as if a battle is going to ensue.

Scott and Kira arrive at Derek's loft and he asks her to turn on the light and just as she does the mood is lit perfectly for their first date.

They run into one little problem as they couldn't find an actually TV to watch Star Wars prompting other activities than watching a move.

The action is cut short as a berserker and Kate Argent burst through the window of the loft. Sheriff Stilinski tells Stiles that their debt has been revoked and that he will be taking Stiles and Malia to dinner.

Mr. Argent is also being tortured by Peter who drives a steel rod into him and bends it to ensure he cannot leave the lair.

Liam and his friend are at a crossroads and his friend knows that there is something going on. He tells Liam that he is willing to listen when Liam is ready to talk and it looks like the friendship will be renewed. Meanwhile, Scott is struggling in the fight against Kate and the berserker.

Kira is being attacked and hurt pretty badly. Scott jumps in to try to save her and the berserker turns his attention to Kira.

Kira uses a chain and her training to try to battle the berserker but he over powers her while Scott is still struggling against Kate the berserker grabs Kira and Kate tells Scott that she want answers to why he is decimating her family.

She asks him what is so special about him and he says that if she wants him just take him but she says that she is brining everyone with her to "church." Liam is worried that Scott and Kira haven't showed up for the game and Stiles tells Liam not to worry. The game is about to begin and Scott and Kira are still missing and then Stiles begins to get a little nervous. Stiles and Liam are not doing so hot without Kira and Scott meanwhile, Deputy Parish finds Mr. Argent who is bleeding very fast.

Parish then says that he will be getting Mr. Argent out of the lair before anyone returns.

Liam is still worrying and Stiles leaves with his dad to try to find Scott and Kira. Liam listens to the conversation and knows that something is right.

Liam can't concentrate and is still having hallucinations making it hard for him to focus in the game. Peter appears at the game and sits next to Malia. Lydia locates Dr.

Deaton and demands to speak to him. Liam takes a really hard hit and another werewolf from the opposing warns him to get it together because he can smell his fear.

Peter tells Malia that he found her mother and he says if he wants to find her she has to kill Kate Argent.

Kira is lying in a pile of bones and wakes up hurt and groggy. She yells for Scott but no one appears to be anywhere close to her and she screams in panic. The action returns and Liam appears to be lost after the game. He has a heart to heart with the werewolf that gave him the hard hit and he tells Liam that he is lucky to have an alpha like Scott. Parish tries to free Mr Argent from the steel rod and even though Parish tells him to help Mr.

Argent tells him to go. Parish insists that Mr.

Argent needs to get angry to get his adrenaline going, he even mentions Allison and that is all Mr. Argent needs to will himself and the two are able to free him.

Stiles and his dad return to the loft to find Braeden and Derek as everyone realizes that Scott is gone. Dr. Deaton says that Scott is in Mexico and that the pack will have to venture there if they want to save him.

Kate gives Scott a history lesson on Greek Mythology. Kate is telling him that she is going to turn him into something unrecognizable to his friends and it looks like she is turning him into a berserker.

This season has been able to top the ante of last season. Teen Wolf has solidified itself as one of the top shows that MTV has ever brought their fans.

Plot lines and twists drive this teen drama that features dynamic and intense action. No one could see tonight's twists coming but next season is sure to be another roller coaster ride for Teen Wolf fans.

For more Teen Wolf check out the after show, "Wolf Watch," following tonights episode.

Also head over to MTV.com for all the latest cast interviews and tune in next week for the second episode of the season finale on Monday at 10 PM.