Teen Wolf 'Perishable' Recap, Season 4 Episode 9, Scott And Liam Escape An Assassin

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In "Perishable," the ninth episode of an action packed season four of Teen Wolf, an assassin targets Scott and Liam at the lacrosse team's annual bonfire, meanwhile, Lydia uncovers a family secret about her grandmother.

The episode begins as the recap shows that Lydia's grandmother may be the key to the coding of the dead pool. The deputy is stuck in his car as someone, an assassin, pours gasoline all over his car. The assassin is actually another officer he lights the car on fire and the deputy burns to death.

Stiles and Lydia are talking to Sheriff Stilinski about Lydia's grandmother and they tell him that she may have faked her death.

Just when we think the deputy burned to death he comes walking through the door with burn marks all over seeking revenge from the officer who tried to kill him.

It seems like deputy Parish was hiding something from the pack all along as he pummels on the officer.

After the incident Parish is checked out by Derek, Lydia and Scott and they are all confused as to what he is because he seemed to escape unscathed. The deputy asks them what they are and Scott shows his alpha red eyes. The Sheriff was hit by a stray bullet during the scuffle at the station and has to undergo surgery, Stiles is rattled and nervous about the surgery and his dads money troubles that are plaguing them.

Sheriff tells Stiles that he is suppose to take care of him not the other way around and Stiles says they are suppose to take care of each other. The morphine kicks in and his dad makes a joke about not feeling anything in terms of stress.

They pack suspects that the deputy may be a kanima.

Liam is laying in bed at home thinking about the entire ordeal when his printer begins printing papers at random.

The print outs appear to be an updated list with the names of the deceased crossed out as he tries to stop it from printing it doesn't work, so he unplugs everything.

Lydia is recounting what she learned from Meredith, Derek asks her how her grandmother knew Meredith and she tells the story of her grandmother's friend. She tells the pack that her grandmother use to work for IBM and one night she started hearing the sound like rain but when she looked out the window all she saw was blue skies. She heard thunder like gunshots in her head and then she finally screamed like a banshee.

Her grandmother called her friend Maddy and all she saw was blue skies as well, however Maddy wound up dead and it seemed as if Lydia's grandmother predicted the death.

Meredith was introduced to research what Lydia's grandmother was going through and Meredith was tortured and driven crazy by Lydia's grandmother.

The pack finally realize that Lydia's grandmother was the one who created the coding for the dead pool and that she is a banshee just like Lydia. Scott and Derek begin to talk about what has been going on with Derek.

His powers are continuing to fade and Scott tells Derek that his name was the one that broke the third key.

Both Allison and Aiden are dead and they were the other keys, now Scott is worried that Lydia's mom has predicted Derek's death.

Scott goes back to his house and quickly rushes under the bed to open the backpack full of money and begins to count the it. After he counts it he is saddened and puts all the money back thinking about the financial stress his family and Stiles' dad is under.

Liam is approached by his friend about attending the bonfire for the lacrosse team but Liam is seeing visions of the berserkers and is flustered.

Stiles and Lydia are trying to decipher the coding key for the dead pool and they try all names but aren't getting anywhere. Coach gives the team a speech before the bonfire and Scott notices that Liam isn't doing well. Stiles and Lydia are finding it even harder to find the clue and Stiles begins to think about clues that would trigger the code.

He helps Lydia think about what she did with her grandmother when they were little and she thinks about how she use to read the little mermaid. They find out that the code is Ariel and it works.

Meanwhile, Scott is checking on Liam and Liam tells him about the printer and hands him the lists that were being printed. they hear coach ask what the hell is this, then they find the room that he is in and the printer is being printed over and over again. Stiles and Lydia see something that alarm them and they realize that they need to alert Scott.

Liam's worth on the list increased from three million dollars to 18 millions dollars and now it seems like he is the top target, as Derek's name is no longer on the list.

Could it be because he is no longer superhuman after losing most of his powers? Now midway through the show it is revealed that "The Benefactor" will be revealed on tonights episode.

Teen Wolf continues to be an enigmatic puzzle that is always twisting and bending your mind. Just when you think you know exactly what is going on you are blindsided with a new piece to the puzzle.

Lydia and Stiles get help from the Sheriff to identify the new list which appears to be people who are already dead but they are all suicides that took place at the same place. The bonfire is underway and Scott combs the crowd of partying teenagers as the fire blazes. He sees Malia drinking and having a good time and he tells her that she won't be able to get drunk.

Lydia and Stiles continue to try to solve the puzzle and Liam and his friend have a conversation about what has been going on. Lydia and Stiles are trying to get the psych ward owner to open the file cabinet so they can explore more and he demands payment to do so after slipping a tape into a deck.

Malia and Scott are talking and Scott tried to tell her why they lied to her. Now Scott notices that Malia and Liam are getting drunk but they are not supposed to, something is definitely wrong.

Stiles finds his name on a list in the files but his name is written in instead of being printed. The handwriting appears to be Lydia's and then enters the man who runs the psych ward.

He says it was the tapes wasn't it as if he knew everything that was going on and tases Stiles. He then focuses his attention towards Lydia and says that she is next. Could he be the benefactor?

Braeden enters the room to interrogate the deputy who attempted to kill deputy parish. Meanwhile, Malia is clearly not doing well and Scott asks her what is in her drink, she says just vodka and he tells her to stay on her feet and keep moving. Deputy parish begins looking over paperwork and seems to have found something important with L. Brunski. The suicides are not in fact suicides but murders.

The man who runs the psych ward is Brunski and he was the one to sign off on the deaths calling them all suicides. admits to killing Lydia's grandmother (Lorraine Brunski) and he wants to use Lydia to help him with something.

Malia is still struggling to stay awake and so is Liam, but in another twist Scott who didn't touch a drop of liquor is now also feeling the effects of whatever is going on at the party.

He realizes that the music has something to do with it and it appears that the DJ is trying to weed out the supernatural beings.

Lydia listens to the tape of her grandmothers death and Stiles tried to get her to block it out but he is attacked by Brunski. She hears her grandmother say please don't hurt her but instead of saying Lydia she says Ariel and Brunski doesn't know that she is really talking about Lydia in her last breath.

Scott attempts to move towards the DJ and stop the music from playing but the DJ turns up a frequency that makes it even harder for Scott who is then grabbed by two security guards.

Scott and Malia are taken away from the party by the guards who aren't any plain guards and they begin to douse Scott and Malia with gasoline.

Lydia doesn't answer Brunski and Stiles is aware of what is going on. He then tells them a story of teenagers trying to break into the drug closet and will now attempt to make their death seem like a suicide. The show is beginning to wind down and it looks like Scott and Malia are going to suffer as well who will save the pack? Then Liam's friend pulls the plug on the music and Scott turns to defeat the security guards.

Braeden and Derek rush in to save Liam, Malia and Scott and succeeds. It looks like Brunski is "The Benefactor," and he injects Lydia but the Deputy shows up and shoots Brunski.

The mystery is solved and they tell the deputy that Brunski used Meredith to make the list but he tells them that Meredith was the one that was controlling him.

It is revealed that Meredith is The Benefactor not Brunski and more important she is alive!

For more Teen Wolf check out the after show, "Wolf Watch," following tonights episode. Also head over to MTV.com for all the latest cast interviews and tune in next Monday at 10PM to see what awaits the pack.