Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 2, Recap

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Derek is young again and the pack struggles to figure out how to return him to his normal state. This weeks episode of Teen Wolf kicks off with Kate Argent and Derek in a strange new plot.

After a wild goose chase and dangerous mission beyond the border, the pack returns to their old stomping grounds.

Derek reminisces about his early days of being a werewolf in a brief flashback, which finds him in a locker room trying to control himself from turning.

Fast forward to present day where Kate is found in the restroom of a gas station clearly trying to refrain from turning but when the gas station clerk opens the door, he is greeted by the newest "were" grouping the werejaguar.

Meanwhile the pack brings young Derek back to Dr. Deaton for further analysis but there is nothing that he could do. However, he does request that they leave him in his care to prevent Kate from finding him.

Derek does not appear to be in the best shape but the pack agrees to let Lydia hang back to watch over him with Dr. Deaton.

Scott returns home to his father sleeping on the couch symbolizing a new relationship being built between the two, as they are not civil with one another.

Dr. Deaton tries to slice a section of Derek's arm but he heals instantly and wakes in a half werewolf stage dazed confused. He manages to escape the veterinary and harms Dr. Deaton in the process.

Stiles tells Scott about his new relationship or whatever it seems to be with Malia. Kira's dad teaches a class where Malia is struggling to adjust in class. The pack receives a message from Lydia.

Scott, Stiles and Dr. Deaton discuss where Derek could have possibly gone or what he could be becoming.

They decide to figure out what they will tell Derek when they find him; meanwhile, Derek is back at what remains of his home with so many questions as to what is going on.

He has no idea why his house is burned down or where his parents are.

Derek is tased by the cops and taken into custody. Back at the station one of the deputies runs his fingerprints only to find that the prints don't match the face. Sherriff Stilinski finds him before they question him.

Scott and Stiles question Derek in order for him to gain his trust and Scott has to reveal some very bad news to him but lies at the last minute. They promise him that they will get his memory back.

Lydia and Kira take a drive and after losing her best friend, Kira and Lydia seem to be bonding well.

Lydia seems to have found the gas station where Kate was last seen and Kira follows her over to the body of the gas station clerk ripped apart.

Scott finds Malia waiting on him to talk to Peter, and Stiles and Derek avoid a very tricky situation back at Scott's when they run into his dad. Peter finally lays his eyes on Malia in adoration.

They ask Peter about someone being turned by a scratch and he replies with one in a million. Derek figures out what happens about the Hale family through Mr. McCall.

Peter and Scott recall what happened when Derek was in his younger days.

They then try to figure out why Derek has no memory, only to figure out that Kate took him back to an age where he still trusted her.

Kate makes an escape with Derek while Stiles informs Scott that Derek now knows the truth about his family.

Scott, Peter and Malia try to track Derek by using their brains rather than their powers. With help from Lydia and Kira they receive pictures that lead them to realize that Kate wants the Triskelion.

Kate and Derek are now on their way to his family's vault and promises that all she wants is everything to get back to normal.

He leads her to the vault easily but Malia, Scott and Peter are right on their trail.

Just when they thought they were getting close Peter explains that Berserkers are following them. The Berserker is the creature that was chasing Scott in episode one of the season opener.

Derek reveals the artifact to Kate, while Scott and Malia try to escape the Berserkers.

Peter encounters Kate and Derek and try to salvage the triskelion by convincing Kate that the Triskelion is of no more use.

Scott and Malia are being bested by the Berserkers but Kira manages to come to their rescue wielding her sword.

Young Derek is now coming to their rescue after Kira is knocked aside and Peter continues to be a thorn in Kates' side.

Derek regains his normal form and begins fighting at full strength after a strange occurrence in the Cave. Peter is robbed for a very large some of money, as it was all a planned heist.

This episode features a ton of mysteries and viewers will need to pay close attention to all of the clues along the way.

Its one of those, sort of, set the tone episodes but still has the action and awkward situations that every other episode of Teen Wolf has.