Steven Tyler Talks 'Red, White & You,' His New Album and More With Howard Stern

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The lead singer of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler stopped by the Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show to talk about his new single, "Red, White & You," his upcoming country album and more.

While Stern doesn't believe that Tyler's new album is full country, we beg to differ. The new single, "Red, White and You" is definitely not what Aerosmith fans would expect.

However, Tyler also sided with Stern saying that there are many Aerosmith songs that could be country.

"Howard said that Steven was a maniac as a younger man. Howard said he came through the drug use and his voice is still good," according to MarksFriggin.

Tyler admitted that he still "takes a few puffs of his girlfriend's stuff," however he is a patient advocate and helps people out by telling him what he has gone through in the past.

When Stern asked if Tyler would ever go back to drugs, Tyler honestly told him that he was one hit record away from it, according to the MF report.

"He said that it would be like being sober now but then what if your mom or dad dies. He said the first thing you reach for is a hit of courage," according to MF.

"He said it's so hard to survive in this world. He said he doesn't blame people for getting high. He said people need to. He said he got so stoned that he lost it all."

Tyler revealed that he wrote "Dream On" while he was high and that 1979 and 1980 were some of the craziest years for him. He talked about doing cocaine and abusing pills which eventually took a toll of him.

As for Aerosmith, Tyler said they constantly argued over interrupting the song-writing process but everyone still stuck around and he loved his band members to death.

Tyler told Stern that he was not quitting the band to do country but he does believe the band could be angry with the success he is seeing with the new project.

Tyler is also working with Janie's fund to help victims of child abuse.

Tyler discussed his early life with Stern and told him that he was often made fun of for the way he looked.

"He said that he never had it in him to punch anyone in the face. He said if someone came near Chelsea he'd shoot them in the face with a gun though," according to MF.

"Howard asked if he carries a gun for self defense. Steven remained silent. Howard said we don't know then. Howard said he must like guns. Steven said he thinks that everyone should go through a 21 day check before getting one."

Tyler is a big fan of Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga as well as Madonna. Meanwhile, Stern asked Tyler about the status of Guns N' Roses.

Tyler said that the band is back together and will be performing.

Tyler has had a pretty illustrious career and looks to continue it with this solo effort. It will be pretty interesting to see how the fans take to the new country style.