Stephen A. Smith Takes The 'ALS Ice Bucket Challenge,' Nominates Jay Z, Shaq & Skip Bayless

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Stephen A. Smith of ESPN's "First Take" took the ALS Ice Challenge but he also nominated some big names in the process.

Smith gave the camera a minute long introduction before being doused with a bucket of ice water for ALS Awareness.

Smith joins the list of celebrities which include Carly Rose Sonenclar, Dwight Howard, James Franco and many more. Smith also nominated rapper and entrepreneur Jay Z, Shaquille O' Neal and his First Take counterpart Skip Bayless.

The ALS Challenge is to raise awareness for a good cause but is it also becoming a fad? We have seen Psy's "Gangnam Style" dance become a fad as well as the rocket to popularity from Bobby Shmurda's "Shmoney Dance." The cause is it what separates this from being just that and celebrities all over have found a way to make each one unique from the other such as Miley Cyrus' rice bucket challenge.

Of course there are some who have completely failed at the challenge such as Sonenclar who launched the bucket off a high rise building.

For the most part celebrities have been able to keep their videos of the challenge funny and entertaining in hopes to encourage others to complete the challenge and donate as well.