Sprinkling Or Raining? Two Toddlers Argue Over The Weather Outside: Viral Video

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A new viral video has surfaced of two toddlers who can't seem to agree on the weather outside.

The little boy and the little girl seemed to be calm at first but things took a turn as then entered a shouting match. "It's sprinkling!" exclaimed the little boy, "No it's raining!" said the little girl ion response.

The two went back and forth in the entire video with basically the same words for the entire two minutes. They also get their moms involved with, "My mom told me it was sprinkling."

One of the funniest part was the little mediator in the middle who was pleading with the two to stop. She stayed between the two the entire time and quietly asked them to stop. What was a shouting match got a little physical as the little girl poked the boy in the eye.

Being poked in the eye clearly did not change his mind on the fact that it was sprinkling outside.

What caused the entire argument to cease was the poke that the little guy received to the heart.

All he could say was, "You poked my heart...you poked my heart." That seem to upset him even more than the poke to the eye and quieted him down.

As hilarious as the video is you wouldn't expect the two kids to be arguing over something like the weather but boy is it entertaining.

Check out the video below.