SpreadTHAT Butter Knife Will Make Your Life Much Easier

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Please pardon the ensuing tongue twister but the SpreadTHAT Butter Knife is the newest thing you never knew you needed.

It's 2014 and somehow no one has thought of a self warming butter knife until now.

The new SpreadTHAT butterknife from THAT! Inventions aims to make life easier by allowing your butterknife to melt through butter and other spreadables without the use of a microwave.

As Cool Things! notes, "SpreadTHAT uses an open-ended copper alloy tube inside the knife that runs from the handle to the end of the blade, transferring heat and enabling its unique ability to warm butter without using electricity."

Pictures show the knife employing a singular titanium body design without a sharp blade.

This sleek modern look will make the knife fit in with any one who is in to new technology as well anyone who is worried about their children cutting themselves with a knife.

This is exactly the type of technology that we thought the 21st century would consist of. Bring on the hoverboards and self-tying shoes.